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Chapter 5 Road to Independence.

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1 Chapter 5 Road to Independence

2 Section 1 Taxation with out Representation
England is in debt because of French and Indian War Must raise taxes to increase revenue Writs of assistance are issued to stop smugglers England passes SUGAR ACT to stop smuggling- lessened the tax on sugar and molasses

3 Stamp Act To gain more revenue England passes Stamp Act
Tax on all paper products- wills, papers, playing cards Opposition- colonists didn’t have a say in what taxes they were paying- no reps in Britain's parliament Solution= Stamp Act Congress met and decided to… Boycott & Sign No importation agreements England repeals STAMP ACT Hurt England’s trade too much!$$$$$$

4 Declaratory Act After repealing Stamp Act England passes
States England has a right to tax and make decisions in all cases.. England will then pass the Townshend Acts Taxed ALL imports- glass, paper, silk, lead and TEA.. --again the colonists will get it repealed using non violent forms of protest

5 Results of Taxes Colonists were MAD because they had NO say in government anymore, but were used to having a representative government Sons and Daughters of Liberty were formed to protest unfair taxation. Seeds of revolution were planted NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

6 Section 2 Building Colonial Unity
Boston Massacre British soldiers fire into un armed crowd killing 5 people. Results Propaganda spread through out the colonies fan the flames of revolution Committees of correspondence organize to write about grievances

7 Tea Act In order to save England’s tea company, East India Company, England will place a tax on tea Bypassed colonial tea merchants and sold directly to shopkeepers at a low price Merchants of tea lost jobs

8 Boston Tea Party Result of the Tea Act
Sons of Liberty dressed up like Indians and dumped millions of dollars worth of tea into Boston harbor King George III is furious England will pass Intolerable Acts , or Coercive Acts, as punishment to Boston Closed Boston Harbor Banned town meetings Had to shelter soldiers in homes

9 Section 3 Call to Arms 1774- Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia Goals- negotiators with England. Represent American interests

10 First battles Lexington and Concord- Shot heard round the world!!
Paul Revere & William Dawes ride thru the night “the regulars are out!” England had mobilized and were marching to Concord to seize a ammunitions storage LEXINGTON- Troops and militia fight, British proceed on to Concord CONCORD- Ammunitions have been moved, thanks to Paul R., British have nothing On return to Boston, militia shot at the redcoats the entire way back!

11 Bunker Hill First major battle of the Revolution!!
American’s lost. BUT we showed the British that we will not be easily defeated and it showed both of us that the war will not end quickly. ** People were either Patriots- for the revolution.. or Loyalists- loyal to the KING.

12 Section 4 Moving toward INDEPENDENCE!
Second Continental Congress meets 1775 Began to govern colonies Printed money Post office- thank you BEN FRANKLIN Organized Continental Army- George Washington appointed leader Sent Olive Branch Petition to King George III Asking to protect colonists rights We wanted peace King’s response- Prepare for WAR!

13 Thomas Paine Common Sense
Declared for complete and total independence from England It is COMMON SENSE for us to become independent Abigail Adams- first women’s right advocate. Letters to her husband she asked him to “remember the ladies” when setting up a new government. Didn’t work…

14 Colonies Declare Independence
July Thomas Jefferson will present a draft of the Dec. of Independence Inspired from John Locke and his idea of unalienable or natural rights. Life, liberty and property. If a government fails to protect these rights – government can be overthrown (defense of South when they secede before the Civil war)

15 Declaration Declaration of Independence – 4 parts
Preamble- introduction Next 2-List the rights the colonists believed they should have. Their list of grievances. Last proclaims our new nation. USA!

16 Visual Vocab Sugar act Stamp- repeal Townshend Acts-repeal
Boston massacre Tea Boston Tea Party

17 Assignment for Cartoon
Create a cartoon/ story book detailing the roots of the American Revolution Must contain the following Navigation acts Sugar Act Stamp Act Stamp act congress Townshend Act Boston massacre Tea Act Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts Lexington and Concord Bunker Hill Second Continental Congress You will use either story kit app, pencil and paper or pixton – Authorization code 47AQ-KA

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