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AMERICAN REVOLUTION CAUSES AND EVENTS. 1760  King George III: King of Great Britain (England)  Parliament: the government in England.

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2 1760  King George III: King of Great Britain (England)  Parliament: the government in England

3 1754-1763  French and Indian War  Pontiac’s Rebellion  Proclamation of 1763

4 1764  Sugar Act: tax on sugar and molasses (April 5, 1764)  Committees of Correspondence  Colonists said, “No taxation without representation!”

5 1765  Stamp Act: tax on paper goods like newspapers, books, playing cards, documents (March 22, 1765)

6 SUMMER 1765  Sons of Liberty: a group of colonists (men) who thought of ways to fight back against the King’s taxes.

7  Daughters of Liberty: The Daughters of Liberty were a successful Colonial American group, established in the year 1765, that consisted of women who displayed their loyalty by participating in boycotts of British goods following the passage of the Townshend Acts. The Daughters of Liberty was a group of 92 women who looked to rebel against British taxes by making home goods instead of buying them from the British. Using their feminine skills of the time, they made homespun cloth [ and other goods. To call attention to this effort, they would hold spinning contests in the village squares. These contests were called "spinning bees" and were widely attended by females and often males as well. Their name was inspired by the Sons of Liberty, who were established shortly before the Daughters of Liberty. The Daughters of Liberty were very important to the colonists. They helped them make their clothes as well as homemade products when they boycotted British productsColonial AmericanTownshend ActsSons of Liberty

8 1767  Townshend Act: a tax on paper, lead, paint, and glass  King sent tax collectors to collect money from the colonists.  Colonists reacted by capturing tax collectors and tarring and feathering them.  **British soldiers were sent to keep the peace in Boston. (4,000 soldiers for a population of 20,000 in Boston.)

9 MARCH 5, 1770  Boston Massacre: Colonists were frustrated over the King’s new taxes and started to throw “dirty” snowballs at the soldiers. Soldiers fired into the crowd.  3 people died on the scene, 2 more died later as a result of their wounds  Crispus Attucks  Captain Preston and British Regulars (soldiers)

10 1773  Tea Act: May 10, 1773 British East India Company  Boston Tea Party: December 16, 1773

11 1774  Intolerable Act/Coercive Act: May 20, 1774 King George ordered Boston Harbor to be closed. He sent warships to blockade the harbor. He took away the colonists’ right to hold town meetings. He told the colonists that they still had to pay for the tea. He made the colonists house the British soldiers. He allowed royal officials who were accused of crimes to be tried back in England.

12 1774  First Continental Congress: September 5- October 26, 1774. Delegates met in Philadelphia. They wrote out a list of complaints against the King and England.  The Declaration of Independence: main author was Thomas Jefferson. Colonists sent this document to the King declaring their independence from England.

13 MARCH 23,1775  Patrick Henry: gave a speech trying to convince the colonists to break free from England. Famous line was “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

14 APRIL 18, 1775  Paul Revere’s Ride  Minutemen  Lexington and Concord  The shot heard ‘round the world (April 19, 1775)  Second Continental Congress (May 10, 1775)  George Washington selected Commander in Chief of Continental Army (June 15, 1775)  Battle of Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775)

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