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Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

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1 Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy
Year 7 Science

2 What is Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy?
Key Words Renewable Non-Renewable Energy Generate Electricity

3 What is the difference between Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy?

4 What is Renewable Energy?
Renewable means that it can be used over and over again. It will not run out. Geothermal power Hydroelectric power Solar Power Biomass fuel Wind turbines Wave turbines Natural gas

5 Renewable energy won’t run out as long as the Sun still shines…

6 The wind turbines will always blow…
… And turn turbines to generate electricity.

7 Plants will always grow…
… and can be burnt to release heat energy (Plants get their energy from the sun through photosynthesis)

8 Waves will always be made…
…and drive generators to make electricity

9 Solar Cells will always work…
… and change light to electricity energy

10 What is Non-Renewable Energy?
Non-renewable means supplies will run out eventually. Oil Nuclear power Gas Coal

11 …and only a minute to burn!!
Fossil Fuels took millions of years to develop… …and only a minute to burn!!

12 Once they’ve been taken from the Earth – That’s it they have gone!!
(unless you’re going to wait around a few more million years for more to be made!!) There will come a time when we can’t find any more and then we could have a problem!

13 Crude oil is vital for making all sorts of useful plastics and medicines, so its not such a good idea to keep burning it to make energy… Can you think of ways in which we can help protect Non-Renewable Energy?

14 The answer is: Save Energy - turn lights off, drive cars with small engines etc… Use more Renewables – Energy sources like wind power, biomass, wave power, solar power, tidal power are all renewable. Renewables don’t cause acid rain or the greenhouse effect – they could protect the environment

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