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The Bologna Process The UK HE Europe Unit Tish Bourke.

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1 The Bologna Process The UK HE Europe Unit Tish Bourke

2 Talk outline Overview of the Bologna Process: - Overarching goals - Action Lines as developed over the Process Key policy issues for UK HEIs - Bologna overarching framework for qualifications in the EHEA - Recognition of qualifications - Doctoral level qualifications as the third cycle

3 The Bologna Process - Goals 1999 ‘Bologna Declaration’ ‘Creation of the European Higher Education Area by 2010’ Overarching Bologna goals: - to enhance the employability and mobility of European citizens - to increase the international competitiveness of European HE

4 Developing action lines (1) Two main cycles (undergraduate/graduate) – three (doctoral level) Adopt a framework of easily readable and comparable degrees (Diploma supplement) Establish a system of credits (such as ECTS) – transfer and accumulation (& promote mobility) Promote European co-operation in quality assurance – standards & guidelines

5 Developing action lines (2) Other action lines: Promotion of the European dimension in HE Focus on lifelong learning Involvement of HEIs and students International attractiveness of the EHEA

6 Bologna qualifications framework Overarching framework of three main cycles: bachelors, masters and doctorates Dublin descriptors - generic qualification descriptors to be used as reference points First cycle qualifications: 180-240 ECTS credits; Second cycle qualifications: 90-120ECTS credits – the minimum requirement should amount to 60 ECTS credits at masters level)

7 Diploma Supplement Berlin Communiqué:“every student graduating from 2005 should receive the diploma supplement automatically and free of charge” Record of student achievement already used in many European HEIs Similar data to Transcript element of Progress Files - but needs to follow DS guidelines Burgess to advise single DS/Transcript document Benefits: transparency access to further study/employment in rest of Europe.

8 Doctoral level qualifications Ensure diversity of provision of doctoral level qualifications within EHEA’s broad framework, for example in terms of: - Provision: publication, taught, research,professional - Duration - Access - Teacher-training - Credit allocation

9 Opportunities for UK HE Increasing European profile through development of joint degrees Increasing international profile by participation in new Erasmus Mundus Increasing research profile through (EUA) doctorate programmes

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