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1 Bologna Shaping the Agenda Bologna today and tomorrow Lesley Wilson Secretary-General, European University Association.

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1 1 Bologna Shaping the Agenda Bologna today and tomorrow Lesley Wilson Secretary-General, European University Association

2 …2… I.Where we are now: Bologna Achievements (1) Major change in universities in 46 countries Over 74% of universities say that « it is essential to make rapid progress towards the EHEA 82% have the 3 cycles in place > 53% in 2003 Major changes taking place at doctoral level The importance of joint programmes is confirmed Concern for employability – becoming a major driver for curriculum reform Significant swing to ECTS, as a credit & a transfer system but problems of implementation & recognition remain Almost half of institutions say they are issuing DS

3 …3… I. Bologna Achievements (2) National/institutional implementation within broad agreed European frameworks 3 cycle structure - with an overarching Framework for Qualifications for the EHEA using ECTS & the DS as transparency tools Commonly agreed principles for doctoral programmes in Europe Quality enhancement & quality assurance on the basis of European Standards & Guidelines (ESG) The European Register of Quality Agencies An international strategy for the EHEA

4 …4… II. The UK starting point (1)

5 …5… II. 2 - The UK context – a global rather than an European outlook -

6 …6… II. 3 - Use of credit systems but not ECTS

7 …7… II. 4 - Ahead in the introduction of internal quality processes & QA procedures

8 …8… II.5 - Less outward mobility but more employer involvement than elsewhere in Europe

9 …9… III. Looking ahead (1) - Priorities for universities From structural change to curricular innovation - making student-centred learning a reality Proper use of the Bologna transparency tools: ECTS, DS Focus on learning outcomes At national level – developing qualifications frameworks Addressing articulation & progression issues between cycles Continuing to focus on internal quality and QA – also in response to growing demands for transparency, the growth in rankings etc.. Removing obstacles to staff and student mobility,

10 …10… III. Looking ahead (2) - Engaging with society Joint responsibility of governments & HEIs: Not only achieving goals but communicating them - Greater engagement with a broad range of stakeholders Enhancing the employability of Bologna graduates – starting with the public sector Attention to the social objectives – equity in access and student success Making LLL a reality, taking account of changing demography & patterns of study

11 …11… III. Looking ahead (3) Consolidating the European dimension Launching the European Register of Quality Agencies Advancing the international strategy > growing interest in Bologna worldwide Developing a consensus on the role of universities in lifelong learning at European level Improving the availability of data on European higher education Agreeing on the shared characteristics of the EHEA – a challenge of 46 countries Bologna beyond 2010 – Do we need a new vision?

12 …12… IV. Challenges – (1) the changing context The EUs revised Lisbon agenda focused on research and innovation Requires improving links between the EHEA & the ERA – the importance of doctoral programmes, more researchers & better career opportunities The broader reform agenda: governance, autonomy & the challenges of funding European HE Globalisation & an ever more global market for education a growing competition for talent ~ impact on Bologna?

13 …13… IV. 2 - Challenges for the UK Strengths: structural changes to the degree system not necessary, strong QA systems in place, long international tradition Weaknesses: less traditional engagement/interest in Europe; foreign language competence lacking; low level outward mobility Opportunities: strengthen engagement with Europe on the basis of existing strengths..influence the process Threats: Europe continues to move ahead, more teaching in English etc, becomes increasingly attractive, low cost destination for international partners

14 …14… IV. 2 – Finally – Focus on the opportunities Integrate engagement with Europe into overall internationalisation strategies - Articulate the European & the global dimension Strengthen European partnerships & alliances – to improve critical mass & complementarity Promote mobility as a means of improving the employability of graduates on the European labour market: the portability of grants compatible credit systems & the use of the DS Improved language teaching opportunities

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