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MyIsagenix - Intro Class. Intro Class Agenda  MyIsagenix Overview  Getting Started  Page by Page Walkthrough  Q & A.

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1 MyIsagenix - Intro Class

2 Intro Class Agenda  MyIsagenix Overview  Getting Started  Page by Page Walkthrough  Q & A

3 What is MyIsagenix?  Prospecting and Lead Generation Tool  Contact Management System

4 MyIsagenix is not…  A Magic Bullet  A Mass-Emailing Tool

5 MyIsagenix Key Features*  SPOT Marketing  Autoresponders  Instant Contact Minutes  Isagenix Revealed Interactive Video  Mobile App  Upload Custom Videos *Availability depends on subscription level.

6 Getting Started  Login to your Associate Back Office  Tools Menu (before Signup) MyIsagenix – Signup  Tools Menu (after Signup) MyIsagenix – Change Subscription MyIsagenix – Go to MyIsagenix

7 Home Page  Announcements  Contact Summary  Appointments  Marketing Summary

8 Marketing Tools Page  My Web Sites  Most Active SPOTs  Page Views  SPOT Views

9 SPOTs Page Overview  Lead Capture Form  Information Entered in Contact List  Configure SPOTs*  Instant Contact Option*  Share, Embed, Link on Web *Availability depends on subscription level.

10 Configure a New SPOT* Overview  Select Type, Size & Theme  Add Message, Button, Autoresponder  Send Contact to URL  Finalize and Share SPOT *Availability depends on subscription level.

11 Video Manager* Page  Create and Upload Videos to Customize SPOTs *Availability depends on subscription level.

12 Purchase Leads Page  Leads purchased from Peak Impact are automatically entered in Contact List (with exception of Voice-Lead)  May import leads purchased from other vendors

13 Manage Contacts Page  Contact List  Upcoming Appointments  Contact Count

14 Contact List Overview  View and Edit Contact Details  Add a Contact  Import Contacts  Export Contacts  Manage Groups

15 Contact List Columns  Contact Information  Source  Type  Group  Options  Search Functionality

16 View/Edit Details Option  Edit Contact Information  Assign Type and Group  Call/Text Contact  Send Email  Contact History  Send Autoresponder

17 Isagenix Revealed* Overview  Interactive, Conversational Video  Send to a Viable Prospect from Autoresponder List *Now Available on Top Three Subscription Levels!

18 Isagenix Revealed Email Example

19 Isagenix Revealed Video Example

20 Feedback Email Example

21 Calendar Page  Viewing Appointments  Adding Appointments  Calendar Sync Options

22 Email Center Page  Sent Emails  Scheduled Emails

23 Create Email Page  Select Recipients Single Multiple  Schedule Delivery  Create Email Content Email Templates

24 Autoresponders Page  Single or Series of Email Messages  Types Thank You Product Series Business Series IsaDiary Series  Edit Autoresponder Options

25 My Profile Page  Account Overview  My Profile  My Instant Contact Details*  Mobile App* *Availability depends on subscription level.

26 Q & A Session

27 Support Center Page  “Contact Us” Button  Tabbed Sections  Quick Search

28 Thank You!  Advanced Class Share a SPOT Upload Custom Video Isagenix Revealed Mobile App

29 MyIsagenix - Advanced Class

30 Advanced Class Agenda  Configure a SPOT*  Upload Custom Video*  Isagenix Revealed Interactive Video*  Mobile App*  10 Steps to Success  Q & A

31 Configure a SPOT* Feature  Types Video Prospecting Call  SPOT Sharing Options

32 Example of SPOT on Facebook

33 People on Facebook More than 500 million active users 50% of active users log on daily Average user has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

34 Activity on Facebook Over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events, etc) Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month More than 30 billion pieces of content (links, news, blog posts, photos, etc) shared each month

35 Global Reach of Facebook More than 70 translations available About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translation application

36 Upload Custom Video*  Customize Your SPOTs  Compliance Review Length Copyrighted Materials Misrepresentation of Products and Comp Plan

37 Custom Video Production  Video Camera  Tripod  Script  Video Editing Software

38 Isagenix Revealed* Overview  Interactive, Conversational Video  Send to a Viable Prospect from Autoresponder List *Now Available on Top Three Subscription Levels!

39 How does Isagenix Revealed work? 1.Send the link to your prospect 2.Prospect opens video 3.Prospect makes personal choices 4.You receive detailed information

40 Why is Isagenix Revealed Powerful?  Offers unique, customized experience  Generates interest and excitement  Allows you to help guide your prospect towards personal success

41 When to use Isagenix Revealed? 1.Make initial contact with your prospect 2.Understand their needs and interest level 3.Determine if prospect is viable 4.If so, send Isagenix Revealed link to them

42 Isagenix Revealed is not…  Intended as a mass email  Something to send to a prospect you have never talked to before  Designed to build your business for you

43 Isagenix Revealed Email Example

44 Isagenix Revealed Video Example

45 Feedback Email Example

46 Isagenix Revealed Next Steps After your prospect watches the video:  Follow-up with a phone call  Use information gathered to guide conversation If they haven’t opened the link yet:  Send a friendly reminder, by phone or email

47 Isagenix Revealed  What if my prospect forwards the link to someone else?

48 Mobile App* Overview  Installation Option 1: Text a link to your phone Option 2: Open URL from your phone  View Contacts, Calendar, SPOT Stats  New! Add and Edit Contacts

49 Mobile App Installation  Mobile Passkey on My Profile Page  Moblie App URL:

50 Elevate Your Business  Building L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. with the 10 Steps to Success  Incorporate MyIsagenix into each step

51 MyIsagenix Elevate Site  Information about MyIsagenix   QR (Quick Reference) Code

52 Create Your Own QR Code   Create Your Own Code  Print on Business Cards  Use Marketing Pages URL

53 Q & A Session

54 MyIsagenix has been a wonderful tool in helping to organize my team's contacts, calendar, creating and distributing email campaigns and much ultimately keeps everyone organized and moving forward in our Isagenix business! Thank you Isagenix for another amazing tool to help our business continue to thrive and flourish! - Deborah J.

55 "Isagenix Revealed closes for me! I enrolled someone I had been touching for over a year. They watched Revealed and emailed me with the comment "It is time for me to get started" Thanks David for a powerful tool!“ - Lynne K.

56 "This is an excellent contact management system. I used it as a way to track all my connections. I can profile them, take notes on our meetings, save them for instant retrieval when following up." - Lynne K.

57 "For two years I have wanted a way to easily market Isagenix online using technology and marketing strategies… Now, I have a way to not only market my business using the SPOT technology; I also have a system to teach and train my downline…. I am so excited to be working with and exploring the possibilities of this amazing new tool!" Susan H.

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