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Constant Contact & How it Can Help Your Business Presented By.

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1 Constant Contact & How it Can Help Your Business Presented By

2 Why email marketing?

3 Building and Maintaining Relationships Through Regular Communication Increase the trust and comfort level Look forward to hearing from you Stay at the top of their mind Become more loyal, spend more with you, and more likely to refer you

4 Who Should You Email? Previous customers Current customers Prospects Colleagues

5 How Do You Build Your List? Ask every customer if they want to receive your email newsletter Request customer email addresses in your online store Add Join My Mailing Lists fields to your website, and social media pages Ask your social media followers to sign up for your newsletter

6 How Do You Build Your List? Cont. Get Constant Contact’s FREE QuickView app so you can collect email addresses on the go Always have a sign up sheet at events Leave postage-paid sign-up cards at all the offices you visit – include an enticing offer Through the “Text-to-Join” system customers can simply send an SMS message to sign up Add QR Code to marketing materials

7 How Can 1450 Help You Build Your Email List? Put a flier in each of your drop shipped boxes that thanks the customer for the purchase, and invites them to sign up for your newsletter for Dragon tips and monthly promotions by sending a text or scanning a QR code.

8 What do you do with your list? Segment your list into smaller lists to allow yourself to create truly targeted communications Segment lists based on: – Place in the sales cycle – Specialty – EHR – Other ideas?

9 Before creating your 1 st email: Decide who will be responsible for creating and sending your monthly newsletter Decide who will provide content for each section Create an email calendar – Monthly – Bimonthly – Weekly

10 Before creating your 1 st email: Cont. Identify your email goals – Newsletters Announcements Education and Tips Promotions and Offers – Postcard/Announcements New products New services New presence on Social Media Site

11 Before creating your 1 st email: Cont. Create a Master Template – Colors (visit for a tool to help you match your logo and/or website colors) – Fonts – Logos – Join My List – Forward to a Friend – Link to Social Sites Top of the email – Link to Website – Link to Events – Standard Images – Contact Information

12 Create your 1 st email Insert Engaging Content Engage 80% – Tell something interesting – link to interesting article – Teach – tech tips – Ask questions (survey) – Make it fun – Fingers of Fire – Inspire me to share or get involved Promote 20% – Offer discounts/coupon – Introduce new product or service – Brag about a recent achievement (successful implementation etc.)

13 80% Inform, Engage, Build Loyalty InterestEducateInvolveUpdate Industry Trends, Funny Stories Viewpoints, Opinions, Data, Articles Ask for opinions, stories, feedback, photos Run giveaways, ask for votes, surveys Websites, resources, videos, podcasts Blogs, white paper, articles New products, services, prices, events Your staff, charities you support

14 20% Promotion vdasad Unique Selling Proposition Call to Action Why do people buy from you? – EHR specialty, years experience, etc. What the competition cannot, or does not offer – custom Macros Uniqueness of brand not otherwise made in the industry Make it strong! Include: Links to click on Info to print or save Phone numbers to call Instructions Describes: What’s in it for the audience? Exactly what they should do Why they should do it RIGHT now

15 How to get your emails opened Subject Line that motivates people to open the email From someone they know and trust – Identify with them, who do they know you by

16 More on subject lines 38-47 characters in a subject line on average Avoid SPAM – All CAPS, excessive punctuation, symbols, misleading content Tell them why they should open it – Use your company name – Peak their interest/curiosity – What’s in it for them? – Make it informative, personal, interesting, funny and/or trustworthy. – Offer them something “FREE Implementation” – Use numbers “5 Tips About DMPE” – Encourage action “Join Us” Split Test – Test 2 different subjects and see which one gets the best open rates

17 More on from Make your from name one that your readers will identify with Keep from name and from email recognizable and consistent over time Create an email address like – –

18 Best Practices Perform a SPAM Check Check your work and send a test email to yourself and at least 2 other people Schedule your email to go out at least 15 minutes from the time you schedule it in case you need to make a last minute change Create a master email calendar Keep content concise and relevant to planned frequency

19 When to Send – When is your audience most likely to read it? – Use reports to view when your contacts opened your last email(s) Day of week, time of day – Test for timing Divide your list into equal parts Send at different times and compare results Best Practices Cont.

20 A short tour of Constant Contact up.jsp

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