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Mrs. Kensinger ROOM 33 PowerPoint Presentation at 6:30pm

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1 Mrs. Kensinger ROOM 33 PowerPoint Presentation at 6:30pm
2nd GRADE Mrs. Kensinger ROOM 33 PowerPoint Presentation at 6:30pm

2 Home/School Communication
Working together will help our students to succeed. If you or your student have any questions, please feel free to contact me. ing is a great way to communicate with me quickly. I may not be able to respond immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also send things in with your student in their folder. Students should check their folders daily for mail and communication. However, things can get lost in the shuffle between home, bus, and school. If there is anything important or confidential, please or call me.

3 SCHOOL RULES Take care of yourself Take care of others
Take care of your school

4 CLASS RULES The Golden Rule
Treat others as you would like to be treated Listen quietly, make eye contact, and be respectful when someone is speaking Respect yourself and others Keep hands and feet to yourself Be cooperative and considerate when working in groups Use your manners Please, Thank You, Your Welcome, Excuse Me, May I

5 Classroom Management I believe in Dan Gartrell’s “Guidance Based Approach” By creating a proper and positive relationship between student and teacher, management will be successful. Classroom management is adjustable to meet the needs of the students in this class. To create a positive environment, I focus on praise and positive rewards.

6 Positive Rewards Whole Class- When the whole class cooperates and behaves appropriately, we add marbles to a jar. Results in, class rewards such as movies, lunch in classroom, pajama day, etc… Group Rewards- New teams work together each month to receive rewards- extra recess, lunch in the classroom Individual- Behavior Calendar Prize box Phone calls home Positive notes Stickers

7 What Will My Child Learn?
Reading Street : Comprehensive Reading Program= reading, writing, spelling, phonics, grammar, and handwriting along with 21st century skills Math: Everyday Math- time, money, addition/subtraction, multiplication, measurement, data analysis, word problems, probability

8 What Will My Child Learn?
Science: FOSS- weather, insects, and balance & motion Social Studies- Harcourt and Junior Achievement Social- Emotional Skills Second Step Curriculum- school wide SSIS- Social Skills Intervention System ( pilot program)

9 Reading ***HOMEWORK NIGHTLY***
Students will be expected to complete readings at home for 15 minutes and working up from there If reading is an issue at home, please contact me so that we may work something out! Reading skills will be taught to the whole class. Differentiated Instruction- Students work in homogenous groupings according to reading level during Reading Groups to get the most out of instruction.

10 Writing Narrative Writing Expository/Informational Writing
Creative Writing Poetry

11 Spelling Each week students receive a spelling list
Spelling lists correlate to the phonics instruction your child receives each week. Nightly reading homework, usually, involves practicing spelling words on a worksheet, but can also take the form of a comprehension or writing skill

12 Math **HOMEWORK NIGHTLY** Numbers and Counting
Operations and Computation Data and Chance Geometry Measurement Reference Frames Estimation Patterns and Functions

13 Social Studies TOPICS PA UNIT Communities Citizenship and Government
People and Their Environment Many Kinds of People

14 Science TOPICS **Highlights** Weather Insects Balance and Motion
Lancaster Science Center Field Trip Butterflies in the spring!

15 Field Trips Fall Spring- walking field trips Lancaster Science Center
Hershey Firehouse Spring- walking field trips Hershey Theatre Hershey Trolley Hershey Museum

16 Volunteer Opportunities
Math Stations--- Day 4 Math Explorations- 1 per Unit Reading – Buddy Reading Class Parties Field Trips Classroom Helper- Copying, Laminating, Bulletin Boards, Creating Stations

17 Take Home Folders Your child will bring home a folder each night
Please initial Reading Chart and review Behavior Calendar Your child is responsible for the contents of his/her folder, including: Homework Communication Cleaning it out

18 THANK YOU!! Thank you for helping me make this a successful year. I look forward to working with all of you and your amazing children!!

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