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Welcome to Curriculum Night! Thank you for coming please find a seat.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night! Thank you for coming please find a seat

2 CLASSROOM We have five first grades: Mrs. Miller-YoungD-1 Ms. GoolsbyD-2 Ms. OlsenE-5 Miss WallerE-4 Ms. Hart E-3

3 Specials Music Library Computer Lab P.E. Art Recess and Lunch 10:55-11:10

4 Language Arts Phonemic Awareness Phonics Comprehension Vocabulary Fluency

5 Phonics – Phonemic Awareness Phonics Letter ID, Letter Sounds review Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Plurals, Blends, and Digraphs, Inflections Blends (cl, pl, gr, st, sw, etc.) & Digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch) Phonemic Awareness pre -reading skill Students are able to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds within words

6 Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Fluency Comprehension The ability to understand what one has read or heard. Vocabulary Key words from weekly story Understanding words in context Fluency Automaticity

7 Language Arts – Harcourt Trophies Whole group Small group Individual workstations One – two decodable books will come home weekly Sight words

8 Writing Harcourt Trophies & Lucy Caulkins Units of Study  Personal Writing -Journal Writing  Narrative Writing Descriptive writing Writing Captions Friendly Letters Writing directions Reports Class Books  Creative Writing Stories, Poems, sticker stories, story starters  Reflective Writing Writing about books

9 6 + 1 Traits of Writing Ideas Organization Voice Sent. Fluency Word Choice Conventions Presentation

10 Handwriting D’Nelian - tails on every letter = easier transition into cursive writing. It is appropriate for a first grader to print and to continue to practice correct letter formation.

11 Math – Investigations Math groups Math stations Daily Calendar Review Math Facts Lots of Manipulatives Quarterly Assessments Math Interventionist –Joshua Costelnock

12 Math Concepts Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data Geometry Mathematical Practices

13 Social Studies American History: Colonial times, Native Americans World History: introduction, Spain, England, Egypt Civics & Government: community & citizenship, Character Counts Geography: physical and human map features Economics: Junior Achievement, needs & wants

14 Science Foss Kits Sky & Weather Earth/Rocks Living Things & Habitats Balance & Motion Frequent hands on experiments learning the Scientific Method.

15 Health Five Senses Health and Nutrition Staying Safe Staying active and well Feelings Dental Care

16 ASSESSMENTS Quarterly Math Assessments Unit assessments HFW/ Sight words Dibels (fluency) Phonemic Awareness Running Records Writing Assessments (3x year)

17 Homework All first grade classrooms will be doing the same homework assignments which include:  Spelling Contract  A math practice page (s)  A reading/comprehension page  Writing/ grammar page  15 minutes of nightly reading  Parents, we encourage you to look over your child’s homework and assist when necessary READ, SIGN & RETURN AGENDA DAILY

18 Volunteers You can help in your first grade classroom by volunteering for… Art Masterpiece Junior Achievement Classroom Helper If you are interested, please contact your child’s teacher

19 Manitas PTO First Meeting of the Year: Thursday, August 30 th (in the Media Center/Library) @ 6:30pm Free Childcare is Provided What is the PTO? Parent Teacher Organization PTO supports School Events, Organizes Fundraisers, Plans Community Nights and supports the teachers with supplies, materials and funds professional development opportunities.

20 Thank you for coming! We invite you to join your child’s teacher in their classroom to review some additional information specific to their class. Mrs. Miller-YoungD-1 Ms. GoolsbyD-2 Ms. OlsenE-5 Miss WallerE-4 Ms. Hart E-3

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