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WELCOME TO 2 ND GRADE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 2012-2013 Mrs. Waroff Room F-103.

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1 WELCOME TO 2 ND GRADE BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 2012-2013 Mrs. Waroff Room F-103

2 DAILY SCHEDULE 8:20School Begins 8:20-8:30Morning Seatwork 8:30-9:30Language Arts 9:30-10:15R.T.I. - Response to Intervention 10:15-10:35SNACK RECESS 10:35-11:35Literacy Rotations and Guided Reading 11:35-12:15 LUNCH 12:15-1:15Math & Monarch Math 1:15-1:45Math Centers T & TH / Social Studies and Science M, W, F 1:45-2:00Pack Up and Reading S.U.R.F Time 2:00-2:30VAPA Rotations T, W, & TH / Friday ART activity *MONDAY- every Monday is an early release day-students are out at 1:35

3 CLASSROOM RULES AND BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS In order to guarantee your child, and all of the other students in the classroom the excellent learning climate they deserve, the following discipline plan will be utilized in the classroom. All students can behave appropriately in the classroom if they know exactly what the class standards are and how their chosen behavior results in consequences, both positive and negative. Applied consistently, this discipline program will help create an optimal learning environment and encourage the positive and educational development of the students.

4 Classroom Rules 1. Listen when the teacher is talking. 2. Follow directions quickly. 3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 4. Raise your hand to speak or stand. 5. Be safe, be kind, and be honest. 6. Respect others, respect yourself, and respect your school. RULES & CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR CLIP CHART -Red: WOW! Outstanding -Orange: Great -Yellow: Good -Green: Ready to Learn -Blue: Think About It -Purple: Teacher’s Choice (Teacher conference, Sign Oops Binder, Loss of 10 minutes of recess) -Magenta: Parent Contact (Teacher conference, Oops Binder, Loss of entire recess, Phone call and/ or letter home)

5 POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT At this age, most children have a desire to do the right thing and please the adults around them. Mistakes do happen (to all of us!), but I try to acknowledge and reinforce only the desired behaviors. The following are a list of some of the rewards I use: 1. Praise! Praise! Praise! 2. Stickers 3. Tickets 4. Positive Notes / Phone Call Home 5. Class Points 6. Class Marbles. BEHAVIORAL CONSEQUENCES NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES 1.The LOOK! 2. Verbal Warning. This is just a reminder-we all make mistakes sometimes. 3. Move behavior clip on the Behavior Chart. 4. Conference with teacher. Sign the OOPS binder. The student will receive a time out depending on the unwanted behavior and may miss a portion of their recess. *Severe Disruption: this involves breaking the school’s rules (i.e. destroying school property, fighting, inappropriate language, and possession of weapons or drugs). The student will immediately go to the principal’s office

6 HOMEWORK -Generally, homework should not take more than 30 minutes a night. However, there are times that more work or practice will be required. This would be individualized according to how well your child is performing toward the Standards. In addition, there will be some special projects assigned throughout the year. -The purpose of homework is to reinforce the skills being taught daily in the classroom. Your participation in your child’s education is a vital contributor to your child’s academic achievement.

7 NIGHTLY HOMEWORK Homework will be Monday-Thursday and will consist of:  Reading: 10 minutes  Math: Nightly review of the day’s lesson  Writing or Comprehension: Weekly Assignments  Computer: Ticket to Read-5-10 minutes  Spelling Practice, Sight Words, and Read Naturally will also be included Please make sure your child’s homework is reviewed, corrected by you nightly and returned the next day in your child’s Homework Folder.

8 FOLDERS, BIRTHDAYS, AND COMMUNICATION  Your child will be assigned a BLUE Homework Folder that is to be used daily. Please make sure this folder is brought to school everyday.  Birthdays are SPECIAL! I would love to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please let me know in advance if you would like to bring in a treat on their magical day. We will celebrate at the end of the day during the last 15 minutes. All items must be store bought please. To avoid hurt feelings, I kindly ask that if you choose to have a party AND the invitations are distributed at school, there must be for every child in the class.  Communication is the key to a successful year. A great parent/teacher partnership leads to a successful child. Email is the most effective way to communicate with me. My email address is

9 V. A. P. A. VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS  Arts integration in all subject matters  Drama, Music, PE, Singing, and Dance (movement)  30 minutes, 3 times a week  Students will have instruction in unit based lessons that connect to the VAPA standards.  School wide showcases will take place in the Fall and Spring. They will showcase their themed pieces.

10 VOLUNTEERS  Parent volunteers are a very important and integral part of the second grade program. This is an important job and it is very much appreciated.  If you are interested in working with the students, assisting at center time, running the sight word program, preparing materials, attending field trips or even donating items to the classroom, please fill out the parent volunteer form that will be sent home on Wednesday.  I will be notifying you soon about coming in to help!

11 THE H.E.A.R.T. OF MAILS Harmony Empathy Achievement Reflection Transformation

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