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Central Business District

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1 Central Business District

2 What is CBD? Commercial centre of a city

3 CBD of Singapore

4 CBD of Sydney

5 CBD of Shanghai

6 Where is CBD in HK? Central District

7 Where is CBD in HK? Tsim Sha Tsui

8 Characteristics of CBD
Commercial land use

9 Shopping mall

10 Banks

11 Office buildings

12 Government Offices

13 Tall and modern buildings

14 Good transport network

15 Ferry Piers

16 MTR Station

17 Highly accessible

18 Land rent is high

19 Why are there so many commercial firms in CBD?
Mr. Lee, why do you set up your company headquarter in Central? There are a lot of reasons…

20 Reasons for setting up headquarter in CBD…
Central part of the urban area Accessible By MTR, buses and ferries Better image for the company Can afford high rent

21 Exercise to do Activity 7.1, T81

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