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The Women’s Suffrage Movement

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1 The Women’s Suffrage Movement

2 Why? Why is this important?

3 Susan B. Anthony Quaker, abolitionist, temperance advocate, and women’s rights leader Led the National Woman Suffrage Association Practiced Civil Disobedience Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucy Stone were crucial in the formation of National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA)

4 Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

5 Suffrage at the Turn of the Century
By 1900 women could buy, sell, and will property Bradwell vs. Illinois – “wide difference in the respective spheres and destinies of men and women”- said the court in 1873 Denied Mary Bradwell license to practice law Anti-Suffrage arguments Women had enough rights Women would become more masculine Temperance movement would dominate government

6 Opposition

7 Suffrage Strategies Constitutional Amending the constitution
2/3 of each house 3/4 of state legislatures First try Stalled repeatedly until it was thrown out in 1913 State Level Lobby individual states Successful especially in the west



10 Two Women Leaders Carrie Chapman Catt Former principal
Outstanding speaker Two time leader of the NAWSA Believed in slow precinct by precinct political work Alice Paul Witnessed the aggressive English progressive movement Targeted constitutional amendment Formed the Congressional Union

11 Carrie C. Catt and Alice Paul

12 Two Movements Congressional Union Alice Paul Militant change
Burned Wilson’s speeches Hunger strikes Were arrested and jailed NAWSA In 1915 Catt was given free reign to bring about victory “Winning Plan” – full time workers work push eastern states for 6 years

13 http://www. learningcurve. gov. uk/britain1906to1918/g4/cs1/g4cs1s6

14 19th Amendment World War I women hasten to do their patriotic duty
18th Amendment passed outlawing liquor Liquor advocates back down the 19th Amendment ratified 19th Amendment marks the last Progressive Reform

15 Other Amendments 16th- established an income tax
17th- direct election of senators

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