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Full Packaged Product (FPP) OEM – PC Preinstall Volume Licensing.

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3 Full Packaged Product (FPP) OEM – PC Preinstall Volume Licensing

4 Key benefits of Volume Licensing

5 Windows offerings through Volume Licensing Windows 8 Enterprise Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Windows Companion Subscription License (CSL)

6 Windows 8 Pro in Volume Licensing More Productive More Connected More Protected More Control How to license Windows 8 Pro in Volume Licensing is sold only as an upgrade Requires a qualified underlying operating system license (no change) Windows 8 Pro is available through all volume license programs Standalone upgrade licenses are available through Open License and Select Plus Software Assurance can be attached optionally for additional benefits Client Hyper-V Offline Files Remote Desktop (Host) Mobile Broadband BitLocker BitLocker To Go Domain Join Group Policy


8 Software Assurance for Windows 8 Exclusive Access to Enterprise Offerings New Version Rights Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Greatest Flexibility for how you use Windows Virtualization Rights Windows To Go Rights Roaming Use Rights Enterprise Sideloading Windows Companion Subscription License Readiness and Support Technet Benefits 24x7 Support E-Learning Training Vouchers Extended Hotfix Support Optional Subscription Add-On How to License Add SA to Windows 8 Pro upgrade licenses purchased through Open or Select Plus SA is included in Open Value, Enterprise Agreement, and Enrollment for Education Solutions SA can be added to OEM license within 90 days of purchase through Open or Select Plus Benefits are valid while SA coverage is active * Eligibility for these benefits may vary depending on the Volume Licensing program and license quantity

9 Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Rights are included with Software Assurance for Windows Also included with the Windows VDA, Windows Intune, and Windows Companion Subscription License (CSL) Enterprise edition use rights are perpetual for the licensed device even after SA coverage ends How to License + Includes all features found within Windows 8 Pro Run Windows 8 more securely on a USB stick from anywhere On the Internet, on the corporate network, seamlessly and more securely Users in the branch office can download documents and apps faster Improved end-user experience Specify what software is allowed to run on a user's PCs Sideloading enabled for WinRT apps

10 Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) Change your device, keep your experience Virtually any application, anywhere Enable your XP apps to run on Windows 7 Restore user productivity quickly Checkpoint your policy rollout, minimize downtime Simplified BitLocker management Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) VirtualizeManageRestore Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Optional Add-On subscription for customers with Software Assurance for Windows Available in all programs except for Open License Subscription provides access to use all products, updates and additions Usage ends when subscription ends How to License



13 Unique access to Windows 8 Enterprise Virtualize, Manage, Restore with MDOP Work from any device with more Flexible Licensing New Improved Solid business foundation in Windows 8 Pro New Improved SA foundation Use rights, Technology, Support Enabling Flexible Workstyles Through SA

14 Key points of Windows 8 flexible licensing

15 Through enhancements in Roaming Rights with the inclusion of Windows To Go, employees can now work at home or on the road by accessing their full corporate desktop in a new way Scenario: work from home or on the road Flexibility for how employees access their corporate desktop while outside the office Corporate VDI OR Windows To Go Access

16 Employees whose primary device is licensed with SA for Windows, receive extended virtualization rights at no cost allowing them to access a Windows VDI running in the data center from corporate owned Windows RT devices Scenario: Corporate issued PC (primary) + Tablet (companion) Access VDI from a corporate owned Windows RT companion device for free VDA Rights Free

17 Windows Companion Subscription License (CSL) add-on for four devices The Windows CSL provides employees whose primary device is licensed with SA the rights to access a corporate desktop either through a VDI or WTG on up to four personally owned devices. The CSL covers multiple devices making it a simpler and more cost effective option as opposed to separately licensing each device for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios. Scenario: Bring Your Own Companion Devices Access your corporate desktop from a personally owned companion device at work

18 Primary Devices (no change) = How many x86 devices are used for the benefit of your enterprise? Exclude employee owned secondary PC/Mac SA How many non-x86 devices access a Windows Desktop through VDI and are used as a primary work device? = VDA CSL New! = CSL How many users of devices covered above do you want to provide with desktop access from multiple devices using either Windows To Go or VDI?

19 Enterprise Edition Functionality Direct Access Branch Cache VDI Enhancements AppLocker Enterprise Sideloading Both include SA for Windows PCTypical deviceThin client Yes Qualifying OS required No Yes Local install rights No Flexible Use Rights VDA Rights Windows To Go Use Rights Roaming Use Rights Windows RT Companion VDA Rights New Expanded New Rights to Purchase MDOP Windows CSL New Flexible Licensing Enhancements


21 IT Direct Distribution Certified by the corporation Installed and updated via IT supplied processes Custom Line of Business Apps Two ways to install touch-centric Windows 8 apps Windows Store Certified by Windows Installed and updated by end users ISV built business apps Enterprise Sideloading of WinRT apps

22 Enterprise Sideloading of WinRT Apps

23 Never a better time to sell Software Assurance Opportunity SA Value Increased value of SA New Enterprise Edition features MDOP Updates and New capabilities Greater value through increased flexibility Expanded opportunity Device proliferation BYO scenarios Consumerization of IT


25 Eligible for professional grade offerings with Windows 8 Pro.

26 Download windows 8Download windows 8 and start using it Find additional training on the Partner Learning Center (PLC)Partner Learning Center (PLC) Use the presentations and resources from the Partner Marketing Center (PMC) in your customer engagementsPartner Marketing Center (PMC) Visit the Windows 8 Partner site to stay up to date on the latest information:


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