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Windows 8 Pro: For Small Business Speaker Name, Title.

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1 Windows 8 Pro: For Small Business Speaker Name, Title

2 The growing needs of today’s small businesses

3 What if there was a faster, simpler, better way to do it all?

4 Windows 8 Pro Built for business, compatible with life.

5 Windows 8 Pro: Built for business, compatible with life.

6 Windows reimagined Built on a solid foundation The new Start screen Touch, keyboard and mouse Familiar Windows desktop All the apps you want Windows Store Cloud-connected Wide range of hardware

7 Amazing new hardware choices Touch, keyboard and mouse Thinner, lighter, faster Longer battery life Advanced security Sensors and extensibility Certified to high standards Tablets & convertibles Notebooks, desktops & all-in-ones

8 Windows 8 Pro: Fast, fluid, personalized

9 Get it all done With Windows 8 Pro, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, security, or flexibility. You get it all in a personalized, experience which allows you to choose how to work.

10 Keep everything connected Windows 8 Pro keeps it all at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

11 Protect your business One of your main concerns is securing information and privacy, and Windows 8 Pro gives you more peace of mind.

12 Take control Managing your company’s technology needs has never been simpler. Windows 8 Pro lets you easily manage user settings, updates, and security options on all of your devices.

13 Eligible for professional grade offerings with Windows 8 Pro

14 Still on Windows XP?

15 Your business deserves better than Windows XP

16 Why switch from Windows 7?

17 A better Windows 7 than Windows 7 Faster boot times Longer battery life Better performance More secure Faster WI-FI reconnection Multi-monitor improvements More powerful file explorer with ribbon UI Improved task manager Plus other new benefits of Windows 8…

18 Multiple ways to buy Windows 8 Pro

19 Windows RT A new member of the Windows family

20 Windows RT



23 Windows 8 Pro is the right edition for small business When buying Windows 8 choose the Windows 8 Pro edition for businesses

24 Get it all done Tablet mobility Power of a PC Compatibility Built-in apps Touch or mouse and keyboard Great experience on any form factor Windows Store Snap

25 Keep everything connected Live tiles Start screen Exchange ActiveSync VPN Client Mobile broadband Wi-Fi Remote Desktop (host) Offline Files

26 Protect your business Trusted Boot BitLocker BitLocker To Go Internet Explorer 10 Windows Defender SmartScreen

27 Take control Domain join Group Policy Restore and reset your PC Deploy alongside Windows 7 systems Windows Intune Volume Licensing Software Assurance

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