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Medical emergencies and first AID Lukáš Havlásek.

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1 Medical emergencies and first AID Lukáš Havlásek

2 Most common medical emergencies Anaphylaxis Burns and scalds Bleeding Choking Drowning Electricity Fractures Heart attack Poisoning Shock Stroke

3 Anaphylaxis Symptoms Difficult to breathe Tongue and throat swell First AID Check medication Give it to them Comfort Breathing as good as possible

4 Burns and scalds First AID Cool the burn Keep the person warm Remove clothing or jewellery Cover the burn Do not put cream on it Chemical burn – brush the chemicals and use cold water for 20 minutes

5 Bleeding First AID Prevent loss of blood Use gloves Check the wound Press the wound Bandage the wound Raise the limb Do not put the severed part of body in direct contact with ice

6 Choking First AID Remove obvious obstruction Give back blows Carefully check the mouth Perform abdominal thrusts Get the obstruction out Choking person should be always checked by doctor

7 Drowning First AID Give five initial rescue breaths Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Adults 30:2 –At least 5cm deep –At least 100 times per minute Children 15:2, Newborns 3:1 Use recovery position

8 Electricity First AID Break the contact between person and electrical supply. Swith off the electrical current. If the person is not breathing, start CPR.

9 Fractures Symptoms Pain Inability to move Deformity Could be open and closed First AID Immobilize the affected part of the body and take off all jewellery If open, priority is bleeding.

10 Heart attack Symptoms Chest pain Pain in other parts of the body First AID Sit the person down Use aspirin Monitor their vital signs If necessary, start CPR.

11 Poisoning Symptoms Vomiting Loss of consciousness Pain Burning sensation First AID Find out what is the poison Do not eat and drink Never try to induce vomiting Open the airways Start CPR

12 Shock Symptoms Pale, cold, clammy skin Sweating Rapid, shallow breathing Wakness and dizziness Feeling sick, vomiting Thirst Yawning Sighing First AID Lay the person down Keep the person warm Do not eat or drink Comfort and reassurance Monitor the person

13 Stroke Symptoms Facial weakness Arm weakness Speech problems First AID Call emergency immediatelly

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