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 Test  Must make at least an 80% to pass.. PCH First Aid.

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1  Test  Must make at least an 80% to pass.

2 PCH First Aid

3  Bleeding  For small scrapes wash the area with mild soap and water.  Heavier bleeding wounds cover with sterile gauze and apply pressure.  DO NOT TAKE gauze off of the wound. Just add more if needed.  If bleeding does not stop seek medical help.

4  Burns  First-degree burns: affects top layer of skin. Red and some pain. Run cold water over, do not put ice or ice water over burn.  Second-degree burns: affect two layers of skin and cause blisters. Pour cool water over the area, or wet cold compress. Cover the burn with a sterile bandage. If larger than 2 inches go to emergency room.

5  Burns  Third-degree burns: affect all layers of skin. Some muscle and even bone may be burned. Skin looks dark or dry white. Call for help right away. Cover burn with a clean, wet cloth. Do not remove clothing stud to the burn

6  Poisons can enter your body through your stomach, lungs, and skin.  Try to find out what poison was taken.  Call your local poison control center.

7  Broken or cracked bone.  Try not to move the injured area.  Call for help, or go to the emergency room.  You can make a splint (a stiff object to keep area from moving) and wrap it with bandages.

8  A bone has been forced out of its normal position in a joint.  Do not try to put a dislocated bone back into place.  Do your best to keep the joint from moving, and seek medical help.

9  Three “C’s”  Check  Call  Care

10  Is it safe?  What happened?  How many people are involved?  Is there immediate danger involved?  Is anyone else available to help?  What is wrong?

11  Call 9-1-1  Police department  Fire department  Poison control  Family doctor  Always call before you give care.

12  Do no further harm  Monitor the person’s breathing and consciousness.  Help the person rest in the most comfortable position.  Keep the person form getting chilled or overheated.  Reassure the person  Give any specific care needed.

13  Protects the responder from financial responsibilities.

14  When giving first aid you may be exposed to:  Blood  Saliva  Other body fluids  If available wear protective equipment:  Breathing mask  Sterile gloves

15  Abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver)  Actions that apply pressure to a choking person’s stomach to force an object out of the throat.  Make sure the victim is actually choking  If victim can cough or speak, he or she can still breathe.  Let them clear their throat.  If the victim cannot cough or speak, give abdominal thrusts.

16 1. Stand or kneel behind the victim. Wrap your arms around the victim. 2. Form a fist. Place the thumb side of your fist on the victims stomach, above the belly button and below the breastbone.

17 3. Cover your fist with our other hand. Give five quick upward thrusts into the victims stomach. 4. Repeat abdominal thrusts until the object comes loose.

18  CardioPulmonary Resuscitation  Technique used to save a victim who isn’t breathing and who doesn’t have a heartbeat.

19  Anyone can safely administer CPR.  False. People who give CPR should be certified.  CPR is a technique use to help burn victims.  False. CPR is used to help people who aren’t breathing and who don’t have a heart beat.  Chest compressions help restart a victim’s breathing.  False. Chest compressions stimulate the heart to pump blood.

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