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All Saints Catholic School Mrs. Holtz’s Fourth Grade Room 211.

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1 All Saints Catholic School Mrs. Holtz’s Fourth Grade Room 211

2 Option C School Number 7126 Login as parent and you will see all of your children’s grades, attendance information, lunch balance and what he/she has ordered I add new grades on Sundays usually Under grades you will find current grade average and what is missing.

3 Reading Web Site You will be able to see child’s reading book There will occasionally be assignments for child to do Most often it will be Vocabulary activities I will give you login

4 Math and Science Web Site You will access to child’s main Math book and workbook so if you are not certain how to do something you may look for help here. You will also be able access your child’s Science hardcover book on this site I will give you the login

5 All Saints Web Site Go to my web page – Kathy Holtz I will post spelling words for the upcoming week along with the challenge words for your child to study. I will also post newsletters. I will post pictures of activities from the classroom.

6 Spelling Test Spelling pretest will be on the first school day of the week. This test is not graded. Children write the spelling words they spelled incorrectly five times. They will have worksheets throughout the week to practice the words. will also have the words listed to play games for studying. Final test is on the last day of the week. Challenge word are counted as extra points.

7 Math Most often we use the regular book and the Smartboard to learn a skill. This series is based on Common Core so children will learn different ways to solve problems. Assignments are usually from the workbook. The regular book will help so if your child forget his/her book you may use the web site to find a copy of the regular book.

8 Accelerated Reader (AR) We have taken the STAR test I have reading levels for you. Children will receive their goals and they will be posted on the AR site. We read everyday for at least 15 minutes. Your child should read a home a minimum of one and a half hours per week. This will help him/her in all areas in school as he/she reads more.

9 IXL The IXL program helps your child improve his/her Math skills. Your child should go onto at least half an hour per week. I will let the children know which skills they should work on for the week.

10 Snack and Birthday treats Your child may have a snack each day – it should be healthy – not cookies and candy. Please do not send anything that requires a spoon to eat. Birthday treats may be brought in on his/her birthday or half birthday – There are 17 students. If treat needs to be cut and requires plates please make sure to send these things with the treat.

11 Fixing Assignments If a child receives a lower grade – 75% or less on an assignment – most may be fixed. If fixed completely your child will receive an 80% Tests may not be fixed. Often I will correct the papers with your child here at school.

12 Assignment Notebook If your child has written all the day’s assignments correctly in the assignment notebook, I will initial the book. If you also initial the book the child will receive a sticker. After 10 stickers, cards go in a box for monthly raffle drawings. I am working on having the children cross out completed assignments and highlighting homework.

13 Late assignments If your child has not turned in an assignment I will write a note in his/her assignment notebook. I expect the assignment to be turned in the following day. If it becomes a habit – I will contact you by email or phone.

14 Specials Monday Computer Lab 9:00 – 9:50 Music 10:30 – 11:00 Library 2:15 – 2:45 Tuesday Physical Education 8:45-9:30 Wednesday Mass 8:10 Music 11:00 – 11:30 Physical Education 2:25 – 3:10 Thursday Art 11:00 – 11:45 COB (choir, orchestra, band) 1:00 – 1:45 Friday Computer Lab 11:15 – 11:50

15 Contacting Mrs. Holtz The best ways to get hold of me are through email Or call me at home after 5:30 in the evening up until 9 PM 694-2051

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