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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2010. School Wide Expectations Respect Yourself Respect Others Respect Your School Classroom Motto: You can do it!

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night 2010

2 School Wide Expectations Respect Yourself Respect Others Respect Your School Classroom Motto: You can do it!

3 8:30-8:55 Morning Work 8:55-10:55 Lang. Arts and Reading 10:45-11:00 Snack and Read Aloud 11:00-12:00 Math 12:06-12:36 Lunch 12:40-1:00 Recess 1:00-1:25 Calendar Math/Handwriting 1:25-1:50 Social Studies/Science 1:50-2:20 Specials 2:25-3:00 Social Studies/Science 3:00 Pack up and dismissal

4 Communication: 1. E-mail: 2. Agenda: I will check agendas each morning. Please be sure to check that your child has done the homework written in the agenda for that day and then sign your initials at the bottom. You can write a quick note on the agenda page and if a quick answer is all that is needed, I will answer there. Otherwise, I will e-mail a response.

5 Transportation: Please write a note in the agenda or on a sticky note if your child is going to ASP or home a different way than usual. If you want your child to be a car rider, you must either write a note in the morning or come to the school office prior to 2:45 and they will call into the room to make your child a car rider.

6 Homework Policy: Reading: We expect each student to read 20 minutes every night. The title of their reading choice should be written at the bottom of the agenda page with the minutes read. All other homework: There will be homework in Math most evenings. On Thurs. nights, the reading assignment will be to read the story to an adult. There will also be Social Studies/Science homework at times. Other than the 20 min. reading requirement, homework should take no longer than 30 minutes nightly.

7 Grading Policy: 90-100 A 80-89 B 71-79 C 70 D 69 and below F Attendance: Please try to avoid early checkouts. This interrupts instruction for everyone. Early dismissals are recorded by the office and effect perfect attendance. We’ll be doing Social Studies/Science until 3pm most days.

8 Reading and Spelling Our reading series includes both a practice workbook and grammar workbook. We will be reading stories from the reading series, novels, and biographies of famous American Heroes, which are part of our Social Studies Curriculum. There will be spelling homework each week. Students pick 3 activities to do with the words they highlighted on their study sheet after the pretest, which is given each Monday. Spelling lists can be found on my webpage. Pick 3 Spelling Homework is due on Friday.

9 Math: 1. There will be math homework in the math workbook most evenings. 2. Before a chapter test, we will do a chapter review in class. This worksheet will be sent home to look over and study for the test. 3. Math facts: Students should be reviewing addition and subtraction now. Multiplication facts will start soon. Third graders are required to know the multiplication facts up to 12’s. There will be twice weekly timed multiplication tests. We recommend using flash cards for practice.

10 Language Arts: Third grade continues to develop grammar skills and writing skills. Students will use the writing process and learn about the Six Traits of Writing. Social Studies: We cover the start of democracy in Greece and continue through American history by studying the lives of 8 American Heroes. We also study economics, government, and map skills. Science: Our units of study this year will be the Scientific Method, magnets, heat and energy, rocks and minerals and Habitats of Georgia. Projects and Book Reports: There will be special projects and book reports due throughout the year. We will allow plenty of time to complete these projects. Please help your child to do the work gradually and not leave it all to the last minute. Budgeting time is an important 3 rd grade skill.

11 Reading Contract: Each marking period students are required to set a reading goal. This includes AR books, Non-AR books and non-fiction. A report will need to be completed after each book is read. The contract is graded and counts as a double grade.

12 . Food Items: Snacks: Please send a daily snack with your child. Since our lunch is not until 12:06, we need a healthy snack mid- morning. Please do not send multiple snacks. Lunch: If you want to eat with your child, please send a note at least one day in advance. Remember, no siblings, please. Birthday Treats: You are welcome to send in a treat for your child’s birthday. Please have them here in time to be served at lunch in the cafeteria

13 On the Web: 1. For curriculum information, visit the Cherokee County website below. 2. For classroom information, please visit our class website at: The weekly homework, as well as the spelling lists and newsletters, can be found on the classroom webpage.

14 Third Grade Skill Development: Reading and following directions Follow along during instruction Learning how to take notes Become independent and confident in locating information (using Table of Contents, Index, and Reference Books) Cursive Writing Master Multiplication Facts through 12’s Organizational Skills

15 1. Student of the Week – Each student will be chosen during the year. The Student of the Week takes our mascot, “Sneakers”, home for the weekend and writes in Sneakers’ Journal. 2. Kindergarten Buddies – We are reading buddies with Mrs. Morris’ Kindergarten class. 3. Ticket Store – One of our Friday rewards is Ticket Store. Students get to “spend” the tickets they have earned to buy small prizes. Donations of small trinkets ($2 and under) are gladly accepted.

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