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Mrs. Garnett Worship. Inspire. Nurture.

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1 Mrs. Garnett Worship. Inspire. Nurture.

2 About Mrs. Garnett

3 Classroom Expectations Homework – Diocesan guidelines state that 30 minutes is an acceptable amount for third grade students Students are responsible for writing down assignments and checking they have the necessary books Please check your child’s agenda book each night All tests need to be signed and returned; we will have test folders that will come home weekly. Please sign the sheet in the folder and leave reading and math test in the folder Third graders need to read a minimum of 15 minutes every night

4 Assignments Math Homework will be assigned most nights Spelling test are usually given on Friday except for shorten weeks Most test are announced at least two days in advance Failure to complete homework assignments will result in loss of recess time

5 Snacks/Lunch Students may bring in a healthy snack. Students may have a working snack, so please be sure that your child’s snack can be eaten easily and quickly. The snack policy can be found on the school website. Students may purchase lunch tickets, lunches are $2.35. Please let me know if advance if you will be sending in teats for your child’s birthday.

6 Conferences/Report Cards Conferences will be held on Wednesday October 21 st. Sign up sheets are available tonight. At least one parent must attend the conference. If you need a different timeslot, please let me know. Arrangements can be made. All grades can be accessed on Option C throughout the year. Students will receive three report cards.

7 Dress Code/Absences/Book Orders Dress Code – Girls: no bracelets/rings/necklaces or nail polish. Uniform needs to be correct length Boys: must wear belts, shirt needs to be long enough to tuck in, and correct length of pants. Gym uniforms must be worn on Tuesday’s. Absences - If a student misses a day of school, please send in a signed note within three days. If your child is absent for three consecutive days a doctor’s note is requested. Book Orders - Book orders may be placed online. Please feel free to place them online and I will distribute them when they arrive. If you would like to use the books as a gifts, please send me a note or email and I will contact you when the order arrives. Please take time to read the Student Handbook sign and return the sheet in the back.

8 Connect Ed & Think Central Students have logins for both. Additional resources are placed on Think Central and Connect Ed for use at home. ThinkCentral ConnectED

9 Parent Volunteers Anyone interested in: Classroom Parent Box Top Parent Campbell’s Soup Parent Classroom Parties If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom you must view the Child Protection Video and pass the test. It can be located on the diocesan web page. Please make sure to email a copy to school upon completion We greatly appreciate any help you can provide our classroom. Sign up sheets are located in the back of the room. Thank you in advance.

10 WINning in 3 rd Grade Thank You For Coming!

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