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DELIVERINGHIGHERAPPRENTICESHIPS: Latest Insights From A Leading Provider Carole Carson Managing Director Babington Group.

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1 DELIVERINGHIGHERAPPRENTICESHIPS: Latest Insights From A Leading Provider Carole Carson Managing Director Babington Group

2 ABOUTUS... Babington was founded in 1974 and has continually provided high quality training within Accountancy, Business Administration, Customer Service, Providing Financial Services, Team Leading & Management. Always at the forefront of innovation, Babington is a pioneer of the Apprenticeship programme, with the first Accountancy Apprentice in the country and the first Insurance Apprentice in the North of England. Babington continues its success working closely with the government funding agencies, such as the National Apprenticeship Service, to deliver high quality vocational training for individuals, providing alternative route way to the more traditional academic pathway of University. Babington believes that specialised, highly work-relevant training will be as much in demand in the future as it is in the present. Having tailored training programmes that co-ordinate all aspects of learning has proved to have clear advantages for both employers and learners. Progression from School into the “World of Work” gives true and meaningful opportunities to learn and earn. We promote and encourage excellence of our apprentices and have had a number of teams enter the prestigious World Skills UK competition. Lastly we celebrate the achievements of our learners by holding a yearly Graduation Ceremony to recognise, praise and congratulate our fantastic achievers.

3 BABINGTON HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMMES... We offer pathways of training to enable young adults to build their career within professional services: Accountancy BusinessAdministration Providing FinancialServices Levels 2, 3 & 4 & beyond Levels 2, 3 & 4

4 HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP BRAND... Research had identified that there is a shortage of skills in various sectors from Level 3 upwards – Government funding has supported development of Higher Level qualifications to address this shortage. This development has lead to an increase in the number of apprenticeships delivered at both Level 4 – Level 5 over the past year. Increasing number of Training Provider’s delivering Higher Level apprenticeships. Higher Apprenticeship numbers have been increasing over the last 3 years, whereas other qualifications have seen a decline - University numbers. Higher Apprenticeship is a true alternative to the more traditional higher level qualification gained through University and FE Colleges; providing valuable on the job experience at the same time. On average, an apprentice will earn £100,000 more throughout a lifetime than other employees.

5 HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP DELIVERY.. Babington currently have over 250 learners learning at Level 4 or above (approx. 13%) – 90% have progressed from their Level 2 qualification. Engagement with schools is critical to “educate” an alternative, valuable pathway of learning. Effective relationships with employers creates a partnership between the organisations to provide appropriate ‘blended’ learning for success. The quality of the learning experience is paramount to ensure engagement and progression. Tutors / Trainers need to be qualified and have current industry experience and be adaptable to meet the needs of the learner and employer.

6 HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP SUCCESS.. Delivery of Boots Apprenticeship Programme – Level 4 Business and Administration, Technical Certificate is Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management. Offer to ‘A’ level students 2 year programme Mix of 3 placements at Boots Running alongside Graduate programme Learner Quotes:  “I wanted to get into Work straightaway, I didn’t want to go to University and have to wait 3 years before getting a job”  “You get more opportunities from an apprenticeship than you would from a normal job or course because of combining training with work experience”  “You get a change to do many different things, its exciting and rewarding” Employer Quotes:  “It’s a great way of bringing talent into a business.”  “Apprentices bring in fresh thinking, new ideas, they are hard working and want to develop”  It gives lots of opportunities, its hard work but very rewarding”

7 HIGHER APPRENTICESHIP SUCCESS.. Delivery of Accounts through AAT – mainly via SME’s -Complete Level 2 progress to (equivalent 5 GCSE’s) -Complete Level 3 progress to (equivalent to ‘A’ Levels) -Complete Level 4 progress to (equivalent Foundation Degree) Progress to promote specialisms e.g. ACCA / CIMA / ACA -Deliver ACCA and CIMA Two such individuals followed this pathway: Louise – gained placement at local school in Derby in Finance Dept. Started her Level 2 programme. Completed her Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and additionally was part of a team of 3 who achieved a Bronze medal at World Skills. At completion of Level 4 apprenticeship, applied for a job at Rolls Royce plc., due to her previous success with her learning she was offered a position at Rolls Royce and doubled her salary. Daniel – started his Level 2 apprenticeship at a small firm of chartered accountants. Completed his Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and won a Bronze medal as part of the same team at World Skills. Following completion of his Level 4 he went on to win the individual Gold medal at World Skills in 2012. Following this he was offered a position of Finance Manager at a local company.

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