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What is an Apprenticeship?  An Apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification.

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1 What is an Apprenticeship?  An Apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real qualification and a real future.  Hiring apprentices helps businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.  Apprentices can be any age 16 – 24  New recruit or existing member of staff.  Three levels: usually lasting from 1 to 4 years.  Over 280 types of Apprenticeships within a variety of industry sectors ranging from accountancy and engineering to veterinary nursing and ICT.

2 Apprenticeships Deliver  Lower recruitment costs  Own grown talent  Greater loyalty  Clear return on investment  Greater productivity  Increase employee satisfaction  Attractive to Customers  Government investment in your workforce

3 Apprenticeships deliver real business benefits by: Increasing productivity and efficiency Developing a skilled and qualified workforce Reducing training and recruitment costs Improving customer service and increasing your sales Helping your business through the tough economic climate Reducing absenteeism and sickness by increasing loyalty and motivation

4 Benefits to Employers 83% rely on Apprenticeship programme for skilled worker 80% believe Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover 77% believe Apprenticeships make them more competitive 76% say Apprenticeships improve productivity 57% say a high proportion of Apprentices progress to management 53% believe Apprenticeships reduce recruitment cost

5 Requirements and Choices Employer responsibilities As their employer you pay their weekly wage, holiday, maternity and sick pay and issue a normal employee Contract of Employment Choice of programmes and levels More than 250 Apprenticeship frameworks, covering 1,200 job roles Three Levels: Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Level Apprenticeships

6 Benefits to the Apprentice Helps the apprentice develop skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods, preparing work plans, building relationships and effective communications. Apprentices will also learn monitoring techniques and how to plan and conduct an evaluation Apprentices will learn skills such as negotiating and influencing, project management and budgeting. The qualification also teaches apprentices about the key concepts of working in the voluntary sector including how to work in partnership with other organisations, governance of voluntary sector organisations, ethics and sustainability

7 Returns on investment Superdrug 44% improved performance = £13,750 better revenue generation per employee Return 7 times greater than the cost of the programme Retention rates approximately twice that of non apprentices TUI UK & Ireland Fast track programme – apprentices outperform colleagues 10 years more experienced Grade 2 travel apprentices 8% more productive 16-18 year olds outperform colleagues by 26% 19-24 year olds outperform colleagues by 12%

8 Jan Smallbone, director of Talent for Starbucks said: Starting as an apprentice at Starbucks gives young people a genuine alternative to academic study, and a real path to a retail career. Not only do our apprentices gain technical coffee expertise, they also build those transferable skills that are essential to getting ahead in their careers. We cannot underestimate the role of parents and teachers in influencing career choices, and so convincing them of the true potential of a great apprenticeship scheme is the key to giving young people the incentive and confidence to pursue a vocational route.”

9 What people say Heather Brennan, People and Development Manager at Burnley Borough Council, said: “Apprenticeships raise the aspirations of young people and provide a fantastic opportunity for them to grow and develop in a work environment. Our whole organisation is benefiting from Apprenticeships as many of our existing employees are acting as mentors to the apprentices and enjoying learning from the new perspectives of the apprentices.”

10 What people say Sophie Pacey, Assistant Bakery Manager, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc said: "I love the job... I've been made Assistant Bakery Manager since completing my Apprenticeship – that's another step on the ladder for me."

11 What people say Nicola Hodkinson, Business Services Director, Seddon Construction Ltd said: “Apprenticeships are our future; the businesses future. Companies who cannot or do not offer them are being very short sighted. Seddon will continue to deliver the programme in line with industry needs, and will continue to develop apprentice skills to help mould them into successful young people for their futures.”

12 What people say Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Salford said: “Seddon’s commitment to helping local people into meaningful work and giving them the training they need to succeed that makes their business model exceptional. Seddon have a strong commitment to making a difference to the communities in which they operate. They are innovative, collaborative and have a joined up way of thinking that produces some exceptional outcomes for the City.”

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