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Chiltern Training Ltd.. Agenda What courses do Chiltern Training deliver? What is a Traineeship? What is an apprenticeship? Apprenticeship Qualifications.

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1 Chiltern Training Ltd.

2 Agenda What courses do Chiltern Training deliver? What is a Traineeship? What is an apprenticeship? Apprenticeship Qualifications and Routes Qualities of an apprentice Duties and Responsibilities in each sector Recruitment Process What Happens Next

3 Chiltern Training Ltd Independent Training Provider Established in 1993 Specialises in Childcare, Business and Administration training Currently have more than 400 learners on various courses Currently work with over 300 nurseries, schools and businesses across Berkshire and the Thames Valley

4 Current Qualification Routes at Chiltern Training Chiltern Training deliver a variety of courses from Traineeships to Management courses including: Traineeship in Childcare and Business & Administration Apprenticeships in Childcare Apprenticeships in Business & Administration

5 A Chiltern Training Traineeship course is ideal for motivated 16-18 year olds who want to get into work or an apprenticeship training programme and is focused on providing the vital skills and experience employers are looking for. What is a Traineeship?

6 Who is eligible for a Traineeship? Chiltern Training can provide the traineeship course for anyone between the ages of 16-18, who is not currently in education. Why a Traineeship? A traineeship offers you a chance to gain practical experience in your chosen field, as well as employability and functional skills support. Preparing you for employment after you have completed the course.

7 Elements of the course Chiltern Training Traineeship is a programme that runs up to a maximum of 6 Months. We will help you to find a convenient work placement in your chosen sector. You will volunteer 3 days a week in the work placement and attend college twice a week. It is the hope that within the 6 Months you will be offered an employed work placement to begin your apprenticeship.

8 In your placement you can expect: A good quality work experience placement where you can join in with real work activities. A reference, reflecting the time spent on your work placement that you can use in future job searches. A formal interview that will help the young person to practice and prepare for future opportunities. This may or may not be for a real vacancy Meaningful feedback to help them improve your performance

9 What can this course can lead to? This course can lead to a Childcare or business & administration apprenticeship The course can also lead to employment

10 What is an Apprenticeship? An Apprenticeship is on the job training. You will gain a nationally recognised qualification at the same time as gaining practical experience in the workplace. You will be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. (In some exceptions this may be 16 hours) You will have a contract of employment and you will earn a minimum of £2.73 an hour. Some employers will pay more than this. You will be classed an employee and will be entitled to holidays. An apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 12 months.

11 What is an Apprenticeship? A qualification in the career you choose whilst earning money at the same time. Get support during training from your provider and employer. Made up of three main parts - Practical (on the job) - Theory Units - Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT

12 Apprenticeship courses are learning in the workplace When you are completing an apprenticeship qualification with CTL you will be doing work based learning. This means you must be in a placement before you can start your course. Chiltern Training staff will assist you in finding a placement but you will also need to look for a placement as there is a lot of competition for places. Once you have a confirmed placement, your training can begin. Courses at CTL start throughout the year.

13 Certificate or Diploma in Children and Young People’s workforce These qualifications suit people who work with children: In a nursery or children’s centre In a Primary school as a learning support worker Qualifications include Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships. Some learners may also do a Diploma only course.

14 Duties for Nursery and Teaching Support staff To care for the children in your work place setting. To plan and deliver various activities or to assist others in doing so. To work as part of a team to maintain an attractive, safe and stimulating play and learning environment. Assist with meal times and outdoor activities. To develop relationships with children in your care and to work in partnership with other staff members and parents. To help maintain children’s records. Assist with cleaning activities and maintenance of the nursery or classroom. Attend staff meetings and training.

15 What can this course can lead to? Childcare apprenticeships give you a lot of practical experience working with children, your colleagues and parents. You can use the skills you learn to go into the following careers: Nursery management Paediatric Nursing Teaching assistant roles Teaching Social work Play Work Midwifery Health worker roles

16 Business & Administration Apprenticeship This qualification suits people who are interested in a career in business or office work. It is suited for people who want to work in admin support roles or people who want to improve their administrative skills. Not limited to one sector- our apprentices work in recruitment, the council, doctors surgeries, school offices, international organisations and many more…… This course includes Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships

17 Business & Administration Apprenticeships roles could include Admin Assistant, Office Junior, Receptionist, Secretary Future jobs available might include Administration management, Secretary, P.A. and Office Manager. You may choose to specialise in areas such as Marketing, Finance, HR, PR, Hospitality, Recruitment, Customer Services and many more………….

18 Good Qualities of a an Apprentice Reliable Organised Friendly/approachable Good customer service Punctual Responsible Adaptable Committed Good time management Energetic Enthusiastic Team worker Cheerful Sense of humour Interested in your area of work

19 Frequently Asked Questions How long will it take me to qualify? How much will my course cost? How many hours do I have to work?

20 The Recruitment Process Complete application form Interview Initial Assessments in Maths and English. Practical Assessment- we have different practical tasks for each course. If successful, we will assist you in finding a work placement with an employer Training begins

21 Keep connected and up to date with Chiltern by following us on: @ChilternLtd And on our Facebook page…. Chiltern Training Ltd.

22 Thank you for listening. If you would like to contact us please call the Admissions Team on 0118 956 6995 Or email:

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