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Apprenticeships A Presentation for Frontline Workers.

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1 Apprenticeships A Presentation for Frontline Workers

2 What is an Apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are work based training programmes, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Available to anyone over the age of 16 and not in full time education. Apprenticeships earn a wage and work alongside experienced colleagues to gain job specific skills. Apprentices need to be employed i.e. have a contract of employment

3 Apprentices can receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications, often through day release. Apprenticeships last between 1 – 4 years in duration. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity for people of all ages to learn new skills and to develop within the workplace. They are a proven way to train a workforce, as training is specifically designed to meet the needs of the employer Businesses can be of any size and can have already had apprentices. What is an Apprenticeship?

4 Improved productivity Motivated people – greater loyalty and quality of work Employer driven training leading to practical skills and qualifications, relevant to the needs of the business Reduces skills shortages and training costs What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?

5 Eases the recruitment process and introduces fresh new talent Addresses issues of an ageing workforce The government meets the full costs of apprentice training for 16 to 18 year olds and up to 50% of costs for over 19s. What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?

6 Key Elements to Apprenticeship Learning There are four elements to an apprenticeship which form a Framework. A Framework is made up of: A competence based element – NVQ levels 2, 3, 4 A technical element – Technical Certificate A skills element – Practical Training Key skills – English and Maths

7 What do businesses have to say? 75% of employers say that apprenticeships attract a better calibre of job applicant 66% believe their apprentice helped them to be more competitive 82% rely on their apprenticeship programme to give them the skilled workers for the future 81% of businesses said apprentices helped to generate higher overall productivity

8 What Manchester Businesses Tell Us Growth businesses are more likely to have a structured staff training programme and a training budget 35.5% of businesses are already providing placement opportunities for young people and 42.5% recruit staff who live locally first. These are encouraging signs, however the challenge is that 70% of businesses say they are not likely to recruit apprentices in the future. (Source: MCC Annual Business Survey 2011)

9 What Business Sectors Recruit Apprentices? Apprenticeships cover a wide and expanding range of skills and sectors: Construction Business Administration Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy Automotive Health and Social Care Printing Community and Social Housing Management Horticulture Hospitality Accounting Floristry Creative and Cultural Law Sustainable Resource Management Facilities Management Sports IT And Many More

10 Sector Growth

11 Support Available When Recruiting an Apprentice The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and co-ordinates the delivery of Apprenticeships throughout England. It can: Make it as easy as possible to recruit, train and up skill a workforce. Offers free vacancy advertising and recruitment locally regionally and nationally - Apprenticeship Vacancies. Help source appropriate, high quality providers to meet training needs.

12 Support Available When Recruiting an Apprentice Act as a single point of contact for information and support. Free independent service. Help employers access government funding to support business growth.

13 Recruitment Process Employer identifies vacancy for an apprentice Employer contacts National Apprenticeship Service Employer contacts Training Provider NAS puts employer in touch with Training Provider Training provider carries out work place Health and Safety assessment Training Provider meets with Employer to identify role requirements and explain the process NAS can assist with recruitment process Training Provider can assist with recruitment process Employer can conduct own recruitment process Training Provider aligns training programme around the apprenticeship role and the needs of the Employer. Training can take place in the workplace or 1 day a week at college.

14 Skills Funding Agency Funding for Apprenticeships Funding may be available to cover the cost of training for apprentices depending on age. Cost of training for 16 to 18 year olds funded 100% by the Skills Funding Agency - no cost to employers Cost of training for 19 to 24 year olds funded up to 50% by the Skills Funding Agency Cost of training 25+ year olds may receive a contribution from the Skills Funding Agency for specified places.

15 National Initiatives Youth Contract - £1 billion to help young unemployed people prepare for work and find a job. From April 2012 for 3 years the Youth Contract will provide nearly half a million new opportunities for young people. 160,000 wage incentives worth up to £2,275 for employers recruiting 18 – 24 years olds through the Work Programme An extra 250,000 voluntary work experience or sector based work academy places 40,000 incentives available. 20k for businesses with less than 50 employees and 20k for businesses with less than 250 employees. To qualify they must not have taken on an apprentice within the last 3 years. Additional support through Jobcentre Plus by way of more adviser time and weekly contact

16 The Picture in Manchester Youth unemployment is high on the agenda A Manchester Apprenticeship Strategy is now in place Apprenticeship Revolution – 300 in 100 Campaign – currently 242 vacancies been created to date Apprenticeship Breakfast Events

17 The Picture in Manchester Greater Manchester response to Youth Unemployment. Regional bid for 16 – 17 NEET engagement activity via the Youth Contract – New Economy leading on a bid across 10 GM authorities GM apprentices 16-24 years old claiming JSA or who are NEET. Council entry level apprentice recruitment Apprenticeship Ambassador Scheme

18 Greater Manchester Identity Greater Manchester buy-in into Apprenticeship branding – AGMA/CNE Financial incentives are a short term measure When speaking to an employer always have apprenticeships in the front of your mind and incentives at the back Promote the Apprentice Revolution Identity

19 Thank You Any Questions?

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