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Poetry Crash Course IB/AP English 12.

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1 Poetry Crash Course IB/AP English 12

2 3 Groups 1. Dramatic poetry: when speaker/character of poem speaks to someone else who may respond, but usually responses are not part of poem “The Flea” 2. Narrative poetry: poems that tell a story with elements of plot Epics: The Inferno; The Odyssey; Beowulf 3. Lyric poetry (lyrics): a poem that expresses one central thought or emotion Many forms fall into this genre

3 Ballads Can be narrative and/or dramatic poems Characteristics:
Question and answer format Refrain Omitted details Supernatural elements Sensational or tragic subject matter

4 Lyric Forms Ode - Elegy Aubade – a poem or song on mourning that praises it or dismisses it as unimportant Sestina Villanelle Epigram Sonnets

5 Sonnet Forms Italian/Petrarchan English/Shakespearean
An octave: abbaabba A sestet: cdecde English/Shakespearean Three quatrains: abab cdcd efef A couplet: gg

6 Sonnet Techniques Each quatrain presents one idea in relation to topic
Ending couplet usually presents the theme Blason = an ordered poem of praise, organized detail by detail Turn/volta = A shift in focus or thought; the speaker is “turning” from one thing to another Usually there is one, significant turn

7 Time Periods/Movements
Anglo-Saxon Middle Ages Renaissance Restoration Romantic Victorian Modern

8 Important Poetic Movements before Modernism
Carpe Diem Poetry (Renaissance) Andrew Marvell Metaphysical Poetry (Renaissance) John Donne Romantic Poetry William Wordsworth

9 Meter Iamb Trochee Anapest Dactyl Spondee

10 Feet = units of measurement
Dimeter Trimeter Tetrameter Pentameter

11 Put it Together & What Do You Get?
Iambic tetrameter Dactylic pentameter Anapestic hexameter, etc.

12 Line Groupings Rule #1 has a particular rhyme scheme
Rule #2 each line has the same meter Couplet Sestet Octave Quatrain

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