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Marine Biology 5/8/2014 1st Hour Career Technology.

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1 Marine Biology 5/8/2014 1st Hour Career Technology

2 What is a Marine Biologist?
Marine biologists study fish and other wildlife that inhabits the oceans. They study the physical characteristics of animals, their behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. The oceans contain more than 97% of the total water on the Earth, and account for nearly 99% of the Earth's living space, owing to their area as well as depth. I became interested in this career field when I went deep sea fishing and caught some interesting fish. I will be researching: Nature of Work Working Conditions TQA/ Education Job Outlook Money/ Salary Related Occupations

3 Nature of Work Collect Data. Study characteristics of animals.
Give presentations on research findings. Develop and conduct experimental studies with animals. Estimate, monitor, and manage wildlife populations and invasive plants and animals.

4 Working Conditions Marine Biologist work in offices, laboratories, and outdoor. It is a mixture of both mental and physical work. You may end up diving depending on the task or doing some experiments and collecting data. Working full time (Irregular hours). Working with Data, People and Things.

5 Training Qualifications Awards
Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Biology heading further into. Ph.D. Students typically take zoology and wildlife biology courses in ecology, anatomy, wildlife management, and cellular biology. I will go to Oakland University to further myself in the career.

6 Job Outlook / Employment
I want to find this career’s openings somewhere along the east coast. There is no particular place that I would enjoy working at. Slower than average employment Rate. The employment rate is rising. Competitive.

7 Earnings My lifestyle goals are; to be able to have my dream career, living along the coast (East/West) and making a decent amount of money. $27.74 per hour ($57,710 per year) My first purchase with these earnings would be towards food.

8 Related Occupations Micro Biologist
Microbiologists study microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and some types of parasites. They try to understand how these organisms live, grow, and interact with their environments. Microbiologists work in laboratories and offices, where they conduct scientific experiments and analyze the results. Most microbiologists work full time and keep regular hours. A bachelor’s degree in microbiology or a closely related field is needed for entry-level microbiologist jobs. A Ph.D. is typically needed to carry out independent research and to work in colleges and universities. Micro Biologists are projected to grow 7 percent from 2012 to 2022 The median annual wage for microbiologists was $66,260 in May 2012. Max told me to be it

9 Summary I look forward to pursuing this career in my life. From the information I have researched I learned what I can earn in this career, how many years of schooling is needed and much more. The one thing I look forward to the most is being able to work with marine life. One thing I look forward to the least is having to report all my findings and prepare presentations. I still would enjoy having this job because I still find it awesome.

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