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Info tech period 1 by gurdial introducing Career Unit.

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1 Info tech period 1 by gurdial introducing Career Unit

2 2 Jobs I want to be this ! 1SoftwareEngineer 2MarineBiology 3????

3 Introduction I chose these jobs because I really want to be it. I chose Software Engineer because I really like working on computers and just the technology which is inside them and also I chose this job because I think that not that many people work for this type of things in BC, so I will have a chance. The second job is Marine Biology. I chose Marine Biology because I really like to swim. Also I want to have this job because I like to study animals like the great white shark. Moving on, I want this job is because there are a lot of stuff you get with it, like good salary, rewards, and many more.

4 FAST LOOK Software engineers research computer software's They also plan, implement and maintain the software They are also employed in information technology research Some people could be self employed They make software games and phone software's They fix technical software problems 1 Software Engineer

5 The main duties: They must research the softwares They must develop the data They test the software that is being used Collect and document user's requirements and develop logical upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems evaluate and synthesize technical information to design Duties

6 Working Conditions and Qualifications Software engineers an designers work predominately in labs Many may also telecommute from home offices Workers may also combine telecommuting with work Software engineers and designers often work on projects Participation in an undergraduate program is highly recommended. Membership in a association may be required Masters might be need for certain parts

7 The salary for this group is above the average Computer systems design services industries along with Information Employment is concentrated primarily in the Lower Mainland Few women are employed in these occupations. There is a lot of room still left More chances by having better grades Current Workforce Salary Excellent Occupation Size Excellent Job Stability Excellent

8 Industry sources reportthat the publicperception Growth in the softwareindustry has beenconstant companies will requiresoftware engineers tohave skills Software engineersmust have knowledgeabout the environment They must keep in closecommunication These engineeringoccupations require aconstant updating ofskills Employment Outlook and Career Paths

9 2 Fast look Marine biologist conduct basic research Need to know the knowledge of living organisms Most are employed in big laboratories Develop new practices and products related to medicine Need to know how to manage natural resources Employed in field settings by the government Marine Biology

10 Main duties are: Plan and conduct studies of the environment Conduct ecological and environmental impact studies Study, identify and classify plant and animals Conduct experiments in plant or animal growth Prepare reports and plans for management of resources supervise biological technologists and technicians and other scientists Duties

11 Working Conditions A normal controlled environment such as an office An outdoor work environment to observe weather conditions Exposure to infectious bacteria and viruses Education, Training, and Qualifications Workers already licensed or certified in another province Workers must have a masters in biology Workers must have study biological science. Working Conditions and Qualifications

12 Current Workforce Employment is 3,375 which is above average Salary is 65,185 which is above average Working full time is 63% is average Employees that are women is 41% TO GET THIS JOB Lower Mainland – Southwest you have 52% Vancouver Island and Coast you have 27% Thompson – Okanagan you have a 8%

13 Employment Outlook and Career Paths The mainland's have the highest chance of employment Biologist and Scientist Is a group with Life-science Most people employed in British Columbia

14 In conclusion, these are the two jobs and I really hope to at least get one of them. Also in conclusion I say whatever you want to be in the future you should try to accomplish the goal and become that person.

15 Thank You For Listening THAT IS ALL!!!!!!

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