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My Future Career Name, Class.

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1 My Future Career Name, Class

2 Personality Test Result
Possible Career Choices

3 Career Chosen - Why Did you Choose this career

4 Name of Career Choice What They Do
List 5 Things/Activities They Do

5 Name of Career Choice Money and Outlook
Earnings Employment Outlook/Annual Openings Georogia Earnings Average Annual Wage Average Hourly Wage National Earning Outlook Job Openings

6 Name of Career Choice Is This For Me?
Interests List 2 and what it means Work Values Aptitudes List 3 to 4 and give examples

7 Name of Career Choice What I Need To Learn
High School After High School High School Pathway High School Cluster Courses I need to take Instruction /Courses I need to take

8 Name of Career Choice Skills Needed
Basic Skills List 3 to 4 Transferable Skills Workplace Skills

9 Career Name More Information/Connections
List 3 resources where you can find additional information

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