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Chapter 11-2: The Roman Empire and Christianity

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1 Chapter 11-2: The Roman Empire and Christianity

2 Bell Work 2/19 (5 minutes) Read Christian Holidays on 335 and answer the Analysis Skill Question. Look at The Last Supper painting by Leonardo di Vinci on 336, list the 12 disciples. Read the Primary Source on 337 and answer the Analyzing Skill Question.

3 Essential Questions Despite it general religious tolerance, why did Rome come into conflict with the Jews? What new religion grew out of Judaism? Many considered ____ to be the Messiah. Explain how Christianity grew in popularity and eventually becomes the official religion of Rome.

4 Think-Pair-Share 6 minutes
Use your homework questions and answers to quiz a neighbor. Take turns asking one of your questions and seeing they give the right answers. No books needed.

5 Before Bingo Questions
True or False: The Romans were very religious people. True or False: The Romans had religious tolerance. True or False: After conquering Greece, the Romans became monotheistic. Which religion caused political problems in Rome? Why did the Jews resist Roman rule? What did Emperor Hadrian do that made the Jews more upset? Early in the 1st century AD, what new religion appeared in Rome?

6 Bingo Activity Information Covering 11-2
Individual Bingo: Everyone should have a bingo board (2 games) Partner Bingo: Each team should have a bingo bard (2 games) Winners receive 2 tiger tickets per game

7 After Bingo Questions When the __ conquered people, they generally allowed them to keep their own religious beliefs and customs. At the beginning of the first century AD, a new religion appeared in Judea called __. The Jews were waiting for the __ which means “God’s Chosen One.” Divided into two parts, Old and New Testament, the __ is the holy book of Christianity. ___ was a type of execution in which a person was nailed to a cross. Christians refer to Jesus’ rise from the dead as the ___ The ___ were 12 men whom Jesus chose to receive special training. ___ of Tarses traveled throughout the Roman world spreading Christian teachings. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus rose from the dead ___ days after he was crucified. ___ means punishing a group because of its beliefs.

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