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Lions king and queen of beasts

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1 Lions king and queen of beasts

2 Introduction The scientific name for lions is panther Leo
Lions are mammals Lions are king and queen of beasts Lions are endangered because of humans

3 What Do Lions Bodies Look Like?
Lions bodies have: large paws A long thin brown tail that is two to three feet long Brown, golden, and tan fur Four muscular legs Long thin body about three feet long About four feet tall Up to 500 pounds Sharp claws that come out of their paws

4 A lion’s head has… A lion’s head has: Long whiskers Sharp teeth
Small ears on the top of their head Male lions have a long tan and brown collar of fur surrounding its head—called a mane Huge golden eyes A grayish brownish snout that sticks out of its head

5 A Lion’s Lifespan Lions live: In captivity for about 30 to 40 years
In the wild for about eight to 14 years

6 Are Lion’s Endangered? Lions are endangered Shot to protect cattle
Humans hunted lions as a sport

7 A Lion’s Habitat Eastern central Africa and India Savannas Grasslands
National resources South Savanna dessert Lions like their habitat because it provides a lot of food

8 Climate Of A Lion’s Habitat
Dry Cold In the winter 40 degrees in tropical grasslands In warm desserts up to 120 degrees and down to 45 degrees In cold desserts up to 20 degrees and down to 10 degrees

9 Landforms Some trees Tall yellow grass Tall green grass Mountains
Lions live in that a landform because they could sneak up on their prey in the tall grass.

10 Lions Food Lions eat Young elephants Giraffes Lions are carnivores
Gazelle Zebras Large animals Small animals Rhinos

11 Prey Of Predator Of Wildebeest Humans we shoot them Giraffe Zebras
Large animals Small animals Sometimes humans Gazelle Humans we shoot them King and queen of wild no one eats them Animals do eat baby lions Sometimes alligators catch one

12 Lion Cubs Usually one to five cubs in a litter Playtime is school time
Depend on mom for two years Lion cubs have brown fur covered with spots Drink lionesses, females milk not only their mothers Boy cubs need to leave the pride when they are two

13 Lion’s Behavior Usually hunt at night Bite prey on neck
Sleep mostly during the day if they eat enough Sometimes hunt during the day if they need food Leads prey to hiding pride member In a pride Move onto other mates Roar

14 Behavioral Adaptations
Good eyesight to hunt at night Usually hunt at night so prey can’t see them Prides mark territory so they get more food Other lions can’t hunt on territory

15 What it looks like and how it helps it to adapt to its environment
Powerful jaws bite into prey Sharp claws to strangle prey Mane protects it in fights Loose belly skin helps it to get hit and not get hurt Sandy color helps camouflage Powerful legs help them run fast

16 Physiological Adaptations
Heavily muscled forelimbs and shoulders help capture large prey Strong jaws help bite prey Muscular springs in back legs help run fast Sharp teeth rip and tear preys flesh and meat Sense of smell so strong can tell if prey is nearby

17 Fun Facts Males can eat 80 pounds of meat then not eat for a week
Lionesses hunt Males can weigh up to 500 pounds Lions roar can carry for five miles Only males have manes Lions can survive on water they get from prey Secret claw on the end of their tail

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