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Lion By.Luke Ms.Wienberg.

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1 Lion By.Luke Ms.Wienberg

2 Lion

3 Why I Chose My Animal? I chose lion because it locks cool and has sharp teeth and have big teeth.

4 Appearance The lion has some awesome characteristics. A male lion is 5.6 – 8.3 by 1.7 meters. The tail adds 3.0 – 3.5 feet. A male lions weight is 330 – 550 pounds . A female lions weight is 260 – 400 pounds. A lion's buff, or a yellowish tan color is for camouflage. It also helps protect its cubs. The lion's awesome appearance help ensure its survival in the wild

5 Habitat Do you know where a lion lives? Originally lions could be found in Eurasia, Europe and Africa. Today lions live primarily on wildlife preserves in Africa. Lions prefer dry grasslands. The shade from big rocks and open wooded areas help keep lions cool and hidden from predators

6 Diet A lion eats many things. Such as gazelles, buffalo, zebras, and giraffes. Lions try and hunt elephants but are rarely successful. Eating these animals help lions survive in the wild.

7 Family Most lions live in groups of up to 40 lions called prides. The prides have a dominant male lion and about 18 lionesses and 22 cubs up to the age of 2 – 3 years. The mother lionesses can have about cubs each year. The lionesses will hunt for food while the male lion stays with the cubs. Mother lionesses keep the cubs clean by licking the cubs. The lions family is important because the lionesses go hunting and the dad stays and protects the cubs. This ensures the cubs get food and stay safe

8 Predator/Prey/Adapt The lion is the top predator on the food chain or the cycle of life. Hyenas can pose a threat to lone, young, sick or weak lions. They will eat the lions for food. Male lions will kill lion cubs from other prides for food and to eliminate competition for food. When a predator poses a threat to lion cubs both mom and dad lions from the pride will help protect the cubs. This helps lions survive

9 Interesting Facts Here are some awesome, interesting facts about lions. Adult male lions are the only cats that have manes. Lions are one of the biggest cats in the world. Lions start hunting at about one year of age. The lion is a social animal, and requires a home

10 Photo Gallery

11 About The Resercher My name is Luke Engelhardt. I am 8 years old and in second grade. I go to school at Moorlands Elementary. My favorite animals are lions, rhinoceroses, birds, dogs and fish. I have enjoyed doing this report and learning about lions

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