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By Harrison Tillinghast

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1 By Harrison Tillinghast
Amazing Lions By Harrison Tillinghast

2 Introduction I run past the tall Savannah grass. The sun shines on my fur. I am a lion and this is my book. And you will learn more about me. You know that my babies are cute but they know how to kill!!!

3 Physical Appearance What is the one animal that roars in Africa What is the one name for this animal? What is the one animal that likes to eat a lot in Africa? I’m the lion!! I’m king of the jungle!! Sometimes I can take down a tiger in a fight with my razor sharp teeth!!! When I see a animal that I want to eat I dart after it and kill it!! Sometimes I can be bigger and stronger than a tiger!!! When I’m tired of hunting I like to sleep for 20 hours.

4 Habitat Lions prefer to live in grassy plains. Lions mostly live in south Africa and other parts of Africa. But sometimes I can live somewhere else! You never know!!

5 Birth and Babies Baby lions are called cubs. Lion cubs are not plain brown. they are spotted. the spots help them camouflage. As they grow up they lose there spots. When baby cubs are born they like to start hunting when they are 2. but it is not likely to see a 1 year old cub hunting. When the cubs are 0 they stay with the pride and wait when the lioness comes or the male with the food. When the lion or lioness gets the food and takes it to the pride there will be food for the cubs and food for the lioness and the lion. When the lioness or the lion gets food for the cubs they bring healthy food so the cub or cubs can be strong and grow faster. Cubs need healthy food because cubs are not born really strong. Then lion cubs grow and get a lot stronger.

6 Food and Hunting Lions are big meat eaters my favorite food is giraffe elephant hippopotamus cape buffalo zebra wildebeest springbok baboon yum! Yum! What a feast!!

7 Survival and Adaptations
When I see an animal I run fast so the hunter won’t see me. when I run fast I camouflage. The hunter wont see me. The hunter gets tired of hunting. Now I can go back to were I was.

8 Conclusion Now you know a lot about me and how I live. Now its time for me to sleep for 20 hours. I am very tired of telling you about my book. Don’t wake me up people!!!

9 About the Author I am Harrison. I am 8 years old. Harrison is the author of frogs. Harrison lives in New York City on 79th street. Harrison goes to PS Harrison’s birthday is on November 18.

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