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The Lion.

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1 The Lion

2 Inherited Traits A lion is covered with yellow fur. They use it as camouflage in order to hide in the dry grass. They hide in order to surprise their prey.

3 What the lion needs to hunt
The lion has sharp teeth to kill and eat their prey. Their eyes are used to hunt at night. Their ears allow them to hear distant sounds.

4 The lion’s paw and tail The lion has soft pads on each paw to make it’s movement quiet. The lion tail is a horny spine covered with a tuft of hair.

5 Where does the lion live?
Africa- Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya Grassland, dense bushes and woodland

6 Lion eating it’s prey It sleeps during the day and hunts at night.
It’s prey is zebras, buffalo, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, and giraffes. A lion group is called a pride.

7 Lions learn to hunt It stalks it’s prey. It isn’t very fast, so it saves energy until it is close enough to chase it’s prey down. A lion will hide in the bushes and wait for the prey to come close.

8 Interesting facts A lion can run 50 mph for short distances.
A lion can leap as far as 36 feet.

9 By Kelbyn and Bianca

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