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OARE Module 6B: E-journal, E-books and Internet Resources: Free E-book Access.

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1 OARE Module 6B: E-journal, E-books and Internet Resources: Free E-book Access

2 Contents Module 6: E-journal, E- books and Internet Resources Module 6A: Background; Free E-journals Access Module 6B: Free E-book Access Module 6C: Environment Gateways/Portals Module 6D: Other Useful Resources

3 Section C: Free E-book Access Google Books National Academy Press

4 In the Google books search box, enter air pollution control and click on Search Books. The material comes from the Google Library Project and Partner Programs

5 For this search, academic, cultural and general air pollution control books are listed. Note the links to Google’s adds – as this is a commercial search tool. If the book is ‘Public Domain’, you can download it. Otherwise, there often is online access.

6 Displayed is one of the air pollution control books that have been scanned into the Google Books database. Click on Add to my library.

7 If you have a Google account, you can store the link to the book there

8 Using the Search tools options, the Books drop down menu has been opened. Refine the Search for air pollution control with the Free Google eBooks limit.

9 Now displayed are the results for the air pollution control search with the Free Google eBooks limit. Note the Sorted by drop down menu

10 is a huge list of downloadable books that can be searched by keyword subjects such as pesticide residue The per search limit is 100 titles. If the search results are more than 100 titles, refine the search. The Exact matches box can limit the results.

11 Results for the pesticide residue search are listed. Note the option to download PDF. Downloading these files can be a slow process.

12 A 7.4 MB PDF has been downloaded. This took approximately 9 minutes

13 We have opened the Health and Medicine topics page.. Note also the keyword search box. The National Academies Press e- books are downloadable for free and can be BROWSE(D) BY TOPIC

14 Now opened is the BROWSE BY TOPIC listing that includes Environment and Environmental Studies. Some of the other topics also could be of use.

15 For this topic, NAP has 863 books. Note the Search Within Topic and Browse by Sub-topic options.

16 Each title can be read online or Download Free (as) PDF but (free) registration is required – see next slide

17 Click on I don’t have an account – to register

18 Exercises This is the end of the OARE Basic Course Module 6B. Exercises for this module are available after Module 6D. Please continue with Module 6C: E- journal, E-books and Internet Resources: Environment Gateways/ Portals. Updated June 2015

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