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A student guide Library resources at the University of Northampton.

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1 A student guide Library resources at the University of Northampton

2 Welcome Hello, my name is Jo and I am an Academic Librarian at the University of Northampton (UN). There are many different resources that you can access online to support your research and assignments. In this presentation, I would like to introduce you to some of these resources. I will cover: Getting started Electronic books Finding journal articles Other useful resources Joanne Farmer

3 Getting started You will need your University Login The username is your University student number You will be emailed a temporary password, but you must change it. For more information, go to: students/it/your-university-login

4 Getting started – the library pages Start at: Select Students Sign in with your University Login Locate the Library area

5 Electronic books Books are often a useful starting point for research. You may have access to many useful books in your home or a local library, but you can also search the University of Northampton Library’s collection of electronic books. Use the Library Catalogue to find these. The next section will show you how find library e-books. Please note: the following slides show you how to access e-books on the Dawsonera database. You may come across different e-book collections.

6 Finding library e-books From the library pages, select Catalogue Enter the topic area in the search box e.g. Corporate Strategy

7 Finding library e-books After searching your topic on the Catalogue, select E-Book Catalogue from the menu.

8 Finding library e-books Select a title and click on Follow the GO button to Dawsonera and enter your University Login when prompted. This will transfer you to the e-book database. Either download the book (2 days maximum) or ‘read online’. We recommend ‘read online’, which allows you to print and copy some pages.

9 Journal articles Journals are important for academic research. You can find journal articles by using our search tool called NELSON – Northampton Electronic Library Search ONline. This will be a very broad search, so sometimes you will find it easier to search some of the main journal databases for business directly. The next section shows you how to use the main databases to find journal articles.

10 Finding journal articles From the library pages, select NELSON and follow the links to enter this. Alternatively, go to to go directly to the A-Z list of resources.

11 Finding journal articles Use the Subjects & categories drop down menu to select the appropriate set of resources for your studies.

12 Journal databases for Business Key journal databases for business include: Business Source Premier ABI Global Emerald Sage ScienceDirect Taylor and Francis Wiley The next slides will show an example search in ABI Global and Emerald

13 Finding journal articles From the A-Z list, click on ABI Global and follow the link to the database. If you haven’t already signed in, you will need to enter your University Login to access the database.

14 Finding journal articles Enter appropriate keywords in the search box – if you enter more than one word, use ‘and’ to link your terms. You can then click on the search icon.

15 Finding journal articles Use ‘preview’ to view any interesting items. Note any new keywords that may help you to improve your search. View the full text of any useful items. Use the filters on the right to focus your search e.g. to Scholarly (academic) journals and by publication date

16 Finding journal articles Go back to the alphabetical list of databases and select Emerald. Enter this database and click on Advanced Search. Enter appropriate keywords in the search boxes, choose the date range and select Only content I have access to before you click to search.

17 Finding journal articles As before, you can then look through the journal results list, view any abstracts, note any useful keywords and view the full text (PDF) of any interesting articles.

18 Other useful resources Please email if you need any help in choosing an appropriate resource. Depending on what you are looking for, some of the other databases on the alphabetical list may be helpful to you.

19 Other useful resources Finally, it is important that you reference your work in the University of Northampton ‘Harvard style’. You will find a Harvard referencing tutorial and guide available from the Skills Hub mentioned on the next slide.

20 Further help For general help and advice, take a look at the collection of videos and guides available on the Skills Hub – If you need any further advice on searching for information, please email your Academic Librarian: NEW!Take a look at my subject pages under 1-2-1 Help on the Skills Hub!

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