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Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy Carol Webster President, Cassel International.

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1 Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy Carol Webster President, Cassel International

2 Why Use Social Media? WILDFIRE Brand awareness Customer –Relationships –Connections –Engagement Google 2

3 Social Media Revolution 2011 3

4 Local Listings/Search Engines 4

5 Getting Started with Linked In Develop a complete profile It’s all about connections! –Use Linked In interfaces with Outlook, etc. to find connections Post interesting materials (brochure, presentation) Ask for recommendations, testimonials and referrals 5

6 Linked In Tips and Tricks Emphasize business offering in your profile Join groups, follow conversations (discussion boards) offer solutions Company pages Targeted text ads 6

7 Sample of Linked In Groups 7

8 Getting Started with Facebook 8 Use Facebook’s Business GuideFacebook’s Business Guide

9 Facebook Tips and Tricks Engage your fans –Polls, questions, “like” requests Use photos and video Host targeted contests Target your status updates geographically Facebook Ads Facebook Deals (check-in)Facebook Deals Source: Small Business TrendsSmall Business Trends 9

10 Getting Started with Twitter 10 Use Twitter’s Guide for BusinessGuide for Business Sensible name (consider geography) Complete profile Visual branding DO Share, listen, ask, respond, reward, demonstrate know-how

11 Twitter Tips and Tricks Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Advanced Search Find industry “peeps” t o connect with - Tweepz Tweepz 11 Source:

12 Tweepz 12

13 Getting Started with YouTube 13 YouTube is No. 2 search engine online Picture is worth a thousand words! “Name and claim” your channel Complete your online description Link to your other “online properties” (website, social networking sites)

14 YouTube How-To Videos 14

15 YouTube Tips and Tricks 15 Auto-play video Select appropriate keywords and tags Consider YouTube keyword search ads Evaluate Promoted Videos (CTA) ad program ( Be creative Source:

16 D&P in C 16

17 Google + 17 Add +1 button to Website Google AdWords

18 Adding a +1 button 18

19 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Don’t –Dive in without a plan –Do too much too soon –Have an incomplete profile - BRAND –Toot your own horn too often –Ignore negative comments or feedback –Stay away 19

20 Best Social Media Practices Be Customer-centric! –Help –Listen –Engage! Be a “thought leader” Show your company’s personality! Unify marketing activities Continually evolve 20

21 Managing Your Social Media Managing social media takes TIME –Smartphone –Empower trusted employees –Intern –Link networks –Schedule time daily Tools to help –RoostRoost Scorecard Audience Distribution –HootsuiteHootsuite –TweetadderTweetadder –TumblrTumblr 21

22 KISS 22

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