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Premier Accessibility Suite Software for Reading and Writing.

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1 Premier Accessibility Suite Software for Reading and Writing

2 Tools to Support Reading in the Content Area Region 2 Summer Institute 2005




6 Universal Reader Floating toolbar Works with most applications Use it to read email, Word documents, PDF files Set location of bar – always top, minimized, running behind other applications

7 Universal Reader Optional view window with custom settings

8 E-Text Reader

9 Reads electronic books or any text that you can select Reads any document in Standard Text, MS Word, RTF, HTML formats Highlights text in three colors Allows you to insert bookmarks (ß) Includes full, integrated, word processor to make your own notes

10 Talking Word Processor

11 Full function word processor that talks Includes a spell checker, thesaurus, and word prediction Special features –Word view – displays word in a custom window –Word pause - slows down the reading of words –Word magnify - tracks the word being spoken –Word repeat - speaks word as typed –Key echo - speaks letter as typed

12 TWP – Word Prediction As you begin to ty As you type, a list of words is displayed. Type the number that corresponds to your choice. The word will appear in the sentence.

13 TWP – Word Prediction

14 TWP – Multiple Doc View

15 Ultimate Talking Dictionary Comprehensive 250,000 word dictionary that talks Reads definition of word and uses word in context in a sentence Provides list of synonyms and antonyms Includes spell checker and thesaurus Works with most applications Power search feature helps find words from series of letters in word

16 Ultimate Talking Dictionary



19 Scan and Read Pro Full powered scanning application Easy to operate Includes full reading tool with options Includes full word processor with word prediction, spelling checker, and thesaurus Can convert text files to audio (WAV, MP3) Has built-in MP3 Player

20 Scan and Read Pro Picture of scanned page in image view Scanned pages in text view

21 Talking Calculator Use with or without a screen reader Has large keys and contrasting colors Every button and edit area talks Displays entries and results as you work Allows user to cut and paste work steps into a document

22 Talking Calculator

23 PDF Magic Converts “inaccessible” PDF Files to accessible formats as MS Word, Text, HTML, RTF Reads document using all reading options Includes spell checker, thesaurus, word processing features, CD Writer Converts PDF Files to audio files Supports audio segmenting

24 PDF Magic

25 Text to Audio Text to Audio Converts text files to audio files Works with Microsoft Word files, Standard Text, Rich Text Format and HTML Creates 9 different types of audio output files, including MP3, WAVE and VOX Includes CD writer and MP3 player

26 Text to Audio

27 Text Cloner Pro Scans files that work with all major screen readers Works with any TWAIN compatible scanners Aligns images, formats documents, and handles multiple columns automatically Includes word processor, spell checker, thesaurus Imports and recognizes text from existing images

28 Text Cloner Pro

29 Off Limits Full-featured web browser reads web pages online Manages individual or group internet access with permission-based, multi-level controls Allows for individual access profiles, including restricting sites and times to access internet Creates audio files from web pages Safe “site categories” available

30 Off Limits

31 Off Limits – User Settings

32 Premier Accessibility Suite Software for Reading and Writing

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