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Lesson 8: Creating a Memorandum and a Press Release.

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1 Lesson 8: Creating a Memorandum and a Press Release

2 2 Learning Objectives After studying this lesson, you will be able to:  Insert dates and symbols  Insert and delete page breaks  Work with proofreading tools  Use Research options  Search using the Navigation pane and Find and Replace  Work with hyperlinks and bookmarks

3 Typing a Memorandum 3 Attachments, notations Body Introduction

4 Tabs and Formatting Default tabs Inserting and formatting the date  Insert > Text > Insert Date and Time from the Ribbon  [Alt]+[Shift]+[D] to insert today’s date Can set to update automatically 4

5 Inserting Symbols Insert Symbol button on the Insert tab Recently used symbols appear first More symbols available Several fonts are available for symbols 5

6 Working with Page Breaks Automatic page breaks when text reaches the bottom of the page Force a page break to separate chapters or control starting points Remove a manual (forced page break)  Use the show/hide feature to find the break  Delete it 6

7 Working with Proofreading Tools Spelling checker Grammar checker Research pane 7

8 Using the Spelling Checker Word suggests possible replacements You can Ignore the misspelling once or in all instances Add a word to the dictionary Add the word and replacement to the AutoCorrect list 8

9 Working with Word’s Dictionaries Dictionary options Remove a word from a custom dictionary  Display custom words  Choose a word to delete 9

10 Using the Grammar Checker Checks grammar as you type The Spelling and Grammar dialog box  Choose a suggestion from the list  Turn Grammar Checker on and off 10

11 Using the Thesaurus Right-click and choose Synonyms Display the Research pan  Choose Thesaurus from the context menu  Use the Proofing group on the Review tab The Thesaurus also contains antonyms 11

12 Using the Research Task pane Thesaurus Dictionaries Business and financial sites Other research sites 12

13 Formatting Text Change the font size and color Find it on the Font tab Clear formatting Open the Font dialog box 13

14 The Font Dialog Box 14 Preview changes Special effects Set changes as the default setting Choose the color Choose font type, style, and size

15 Working with Fonts and Themes Fonts determine text appearance Theme is a set of formatting elements  Colors, graphic elements, fonts Theme fonts are on the Home tab Change the font case with the Change Case Command 15

16 The Format Painter Copy text formats from one location to another Copies font, size, and color Located on the Home tab and Mini Toolbar 16

17 Working with Find and Replace Search for a word or phrase Search formats, breaks, and more Use [Ctrl]+[F] to find Use [Ctrl]+[R] to replace  Also available in the Navigation pane 17

18 The Find and Replace Dialog Box Find a term Type the term to replace it Find and replace options 18

19 Finding and Replacing Formats 19 Format and Special buttons allow format and special character searching

20 Navigating in Documents Not limited to keys, mouse, or scroll bar Use hyperlinks in Word, just like on the Internet Bookmark selected text or objects  Bookmark dialog box  Go To tab in the Find and Replace box 20

21 Using Hyperlinks Jumps to a location when clicked Three types  Within current document  To other documents or files  To the Internet 21

22 Lesson 8: Creating a Memorandum and a Press Release

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