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Integrated Imaging and Document Management System Product Demonstration.

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2 Integrated Imaging and Document Management System Product Demonstration

3 a demonstration of the power of document imaging and management

4 Scanning Import from other applications Indexing Archiving E-mail Bar Coding Database Support

5 Scanning Based on Kofax ImageControls or TWAINKofax High performance scanning at or near the rated speed of the scanner Deskew, picking rectangles, bar codes, contrast and brightness support Image preview with options to staple documents, delete, replace and insert pages

6 The scanner control panel manages all the selections for your scanner make and model. It all sets up special features such as image deskew and duplex printing.  Press Begin Scan

7 When the scanner is empty a message is displayed to let you add pages to the batch. As pages are scanned, the images appear on the left side of the screen. The pages are being placed into an electronic in basket for you to work on. 

8 When the batch is complete, a review window is displayed. Your pages are listed here. As you review the pages, you can discard, insert or replace pages., You can also group pages into multi-page documents.

9 Indexing Supports up to 100 user-definable fields Supports ODBC Level 2 databases Multiple data types including text, numeric, date, memo, and multiple entry

10 Indexing Validate entries against a table Extract data from other ODBC databases Database field fill in using bar code recognition Short cut key feature reduces data entry for commonly used key words or names

11 Indexing Documents are presented to the user via an electronic in-basket. When an scanned image is indexed, the user can zoom in on an area of the page for legibility.

12 Easy to use image window The image window shows a page of the document being indexed. A box is dragged around the area of the image to zoom in on Double click on the image returns to full page viewing  The image tool bar include options to: Browse through pages of a document Rotate an image Print selected pages or the entire document Enhance the image Deskew the image Send the document via e-mail Image Annotations

13 Indexing To improve accuracy of your index, a field can be defined as table-driven. Codes are defined and the contents of the field must be a valid code. This feature can be used for document type codes, states, counties, subdivisions and more. halFILE even includes some common tables for your use!

14 A field can be set up to be validated against a table. Then, a question mark can be clicked to viewed the valid coded for the field. The user double clicks on a valid code to automatically fill in the field contents.

15 Associated File Support.DOC.XLS.PDF.AVI.WAV Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Adobe Acrobat Video Player Sound Player

16 Associated File Support Imports documents using the native application as the viewer Documents are integrated and can be modified using the native application WordExcel Internet Web PagesAcrobat Video Clips Sounds

17 When an associated document is selected, the native application is used to view it. If you can associate the document to an application, you can file it in halFILE!

18 Text File Support Add-on “COLD” feature can filter and import ASCII text documents and captured computer output Forms overlay feature handles output generated for forms such as Tax Statements Text Files are integrated with Images and other documents

19 The text window shows the document and provides selections for finding text, zooming and printing.

20 You can overlay the text with an image creating the completed form.

21 Search Powerful database search engine Document e-mail support with image annotation Database reporting using Crystal Reports View documents from the native application to provide editing capabilities

22 Search is as simple as filling in a form.  For each criteria field, you specify the type of search to perform such as exact match or numeric or date range. halFILE does the work of converting your search into a powerful SQL query. 

23 E-mail E-mail documents across your LAN, WAN or Internet Supports MAPI-compliant mail servers such as Microsoft Mail Annotate your document before sending

24 The e-mail icon loads the document as an attachment to an e-mail message. Wherever the message is sent, the document goes along for the ride!

25 Archive Organizes your documents in electronic folders Prepares images for writing CDs Keeps track of all documents in your database Handles large magnetic disks, Network Attached Storage Devices and juke boxes Saves database information for disaster recovery/backup Provides status messages to Administrator

26 hal Systems Corporation 12750 Merit Drive Suite 810 Dallas, Texas 75251-1214 Contact us at: Voice: 800-442-9273 Fax: 214-691-4730 E-mail: [the end]

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