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Microsoft Word Objectives: Word processing using Microsoft Word

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1 Microsoft Word Objectives: Word processing using Microsoft Word
The Office Menu and Toolbar Word processing features Word is microsoft office’s word processing application.. We assume that most of you at one time or another have used Word and if not - the lab exercises for this weeks labs will lead you through many of the most common features. Today – we will just demonstrate look at the basic software features some capabilities of Word that are commonly used in industry – such as using the clipboard pane, creating tables and using the tab features. One excellent tool is the – mailmerge feature.. Which we will not cover until later in the quarter once we’ve starting using databases.

2 Features of a typical Word processor
Easily correct typing errors Copy and move text and graphics Easily use multiple fonts Locate grammatical/spelling errors Easily create tables (incl. automatic math functions) Use templates to create similar documents Insert graphics View screen easily, view actual printed document

3 The Word Window Document Window Home Ribbon Rulers Status Bar
View toolbar & Zoom Slider

4 The Ribbon Tabs Home Most common tools such as clipboard, font/ paragraph/styles settings Insert Tools to insert tables, illustrations, links, header/footer, & symbols groups Page Layout - Setup user themes, page orientation, margins, tabs, paragraph spacing and object order Mailings - Setup mail merges References - Setup footnotes, table of contents, captions, indices Review - Tools for adding comments, tracking changes & comparing documents, grammar and spell checkers View insert and editing of tables

5 Then Just Start Typing Simple Walkthrough Ribbons Start a new document
Start a document from a template Start and an existing document Moving around (ctrl keys & arrows) Saving a document (save, save as, web page) select the correct directory path and file extension Then Just Start Typing

6 There is more than one way to view your document - each designed for a specific purpose
Print layout- shows exact placement of text/graphics on the page, usually used for typing. Full screen reading – lays out two pages at a time Web layout – shows how page would look on the web Outline - designed for easy editing of outline levels Draft – designed for viewing comments and changes

7 Up to 24 items can be placed on the clipboard
Clipboard Task Pane The Clipboard is a temporary storage area in MS Office Once an object is on the clipboard it can be copied into any other windows application again and again. The contents of the clipboard can be viewed from the task pane Up to 24 items can be placed on the clipboard

8 Walkthrough a document:
Viewing rulers, adjusting margins & tabs Moving and Copying text Inserting headers/footers Finding and Replacing text Inserting - Page and Section Breaks, Dates, Pictures Formatting text – font, style, size, justification, superscript, paragraph spacing, Bullets & Numbering, Borders & Shading Spell checking a document Using Help

9 Left Center Right Decimal
Tabs can be created directly from the Ruler. To display the Ruler click on the Ruler check box on the View Ribbon: Left Center Right Decimal 27.51 27.51 27.51 27.51 Tabs can be aligned by clicking on ruler. To set tab type – Double click on tab stop

10 Inserting a Table Displays information in columns and rows – wraps text, performs simple calculations and sorts. Tables can be formatted with borders and lines. Show them how to do a calculation in word.. Then try embedding a table from excell.. Which is better?

11 Creating a Table From the Insert ribbon click on the Table button
Select table dimensions or one of the other options for drawing a table Use the Design & Layout Ribbons to enhance your table formatting, insert/delete columns & rows, add formulas

12 Using Multiple Word Documents
Open several documents Switch between documents to copy/paste text Adjust the window to view two documents at once Look at the Tools – track changes, merge and comparison features

13 Modifying default Word options
Click on the Home Ribbon and select Options button. General Save Display Advanced

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