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FINAL REVIEW Carley. Contents Unit A: Understanding Essential Computer Concepts Unit B: Getting Started wit Mac OS X Leopard Unit C: Understanding File.

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2 Contents Unit A: Understanding Essential Computer Concepts Unit B: Getting Started wit Mac OS X Leopard Unit C: Understanding File Management Unit D: Getting Started with Safari Unit E: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Unit F: Creating a Document Unit G: Enhancing a Document Unit H: Adding Special Elements to a Documents ----------------------- Unit L: Creating a Presentation Unit M: Polishing and Running a Presentation Unit N: Integrating office 2008 Programs

3 Unit A Investigating Types of Computers Computer- an electronic device that accepts information and instructions from a user, manipulates the information according to the instructions, displays the information in some way, and stores the information for retrieval later. Personal Computers- computers that are typically used for a single user, for use in the home or office.

4 Unit B The part of Leopard that is always active on the Leopard desktop and dock. – Finder A glossy ribbon at the bottom of your computer screen that contains icons. –Dock A silver bar across the top of the desktop of the desktop that gives you easy access to operational commands. –Menu bar Small images that represent programs, folders and files, and the trash. –Icons A type of window that opens after you select a menu command so you can specify settings for completing the operation. –dialog box Leopard is an operating system that: manages the operation of a computer. When you right click with a pointing device such as a mouse, leopard: opens a windows tool or program. Default settings are: preset settings can be changed. To open a menu: click the title or words on dock Which operation opens an item on the dock? click When you set your Mac to Sleep to end a Leopard session, Leopard: Puts your mac in a low power state and allows you to resume use quickly. Which of the following options for ending your Leopard session safety turns your Mac off? Shut down.

5 Unit C Fie Management- Organizing and managing folders and files. Filename- The name that you assign to a file to identify its contents. Folder- A container for related files. Storage device- A physical location for storing files and folders. alias- A link that provides quick access to a folder, file, or program. The Hard disk is built-in, high-capacity, high speed storage medium for all the software folders, and on a computer. A File is a unit of stored, electronic data. File managementIs a strategy for organizing your files and folders. List view displays the contents of the current folder as an alphabetical list with additional details about each file and folder provided. Columns view allows you to preview the contents of files within a folder and to see the folder’s contents as a list. After you copy a file, you have: a duplicate copy of the file in a different location. When you delete a file from your hard disk drive, Leopard: puts deleted file in the Trash.

6 Unit E Create an income statement- Microsoft Excel Create a newsletter containing graphics- Microsoft word Create slides for a sales meeting presentation- Microsoft Power point Store contact information and send e-mail- Microsoft Entourage The Project Gallery is accessed by what option on the menu bar? File A file that contains predesigned formatting, text, and tools for creating common business documents is called a: template Which of the following options should make you use when you save a document for the first time? save as To open the Toolbox or Elements Gallery in an Office program, you can use commands on the: standard toolbar Which of the following is the default file extension for documents saved using Word 2008?.docx

7 Unit F Which of the following statements about the clipboard is NOT true? The clipboard stores only one item at a time. Which option on the toolbox gives you access to the Thesaurus and the Dictionary? Reference Tools If you want to edit your document in print preview, which of the following actions should you perform first? Click the magnifier button to turn it off. Which of the following views is best for seeing exactly what your document will look like when printed? Print layout view Which of he following tasks can you complete using the formatting palette in the toolbox? Adding Bullets to a list

8 Unit G Hyperlink- click to view a new Web page Top sites- Displays your most frequently visited Web pages a thumbnails. Bookmarks menu- Displays a list of saved Web pages. Address field- B) Displays the URL for the currently displayed page. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)- A web page’s address. Software programs such as Safari and Firefox are called Web browsers. A(n) Computer network is the hardware and software that makes it possible to share information and resources. The page that opens every time you start a browser is called the: Web pages Tabbed browsing allows you to open more than one web page at a time in a browser window. The letters following the dot after the domain name called the top-level domain and indicate the type of site you are visiting. Which button on the toolbar should you click if you want to view the previous Web page on your computer? back The toolbar that contains bookmarked Web sites is called the: bookmarks bar Safari’s search field uses the Google search engine.

9 Clip Art is Found in the: Clip Gallery. Which option on the menu bar do you use to insert a header or footer in a document? View Borders can be applied to: Document pages, selected text, selected paragraphs In Office 2008 for Mac, a theme is: a coordinated set of colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to a document. Which of the following is NOT true about applying a theme? Themes are applied only to text that you select in a document. Unit H

10 Unit L Slide Sorter view- Displays presentation slides thumbnail images are displayed on a printed page Placeholders- Boxes in slide layouts where you can enter text or add graphics Notes pane- Contains text written specifically to the audience or for the speaker’s reference Slide Themes tab-Contains a collection of predefined colors and styles you can apply to a presentation Handout master view- Allows you to choose how slide thumbnail images are displayed on a printed page. Which view allows you to see the presentations as your audience will? Slide show view What does Smart Art do? Formats text into rich graphical shapes. Which of the following is not true about printing PowerPoint presentations? You can print handouts in only color

11 Unit M Pen-a slide markup tool you can use to draw on a slide during a presentation. Transition- A special effect that determines how a slide advances on the screen. Animation-An effect that triggers movement of a specific element Crop-A tool that deletes pixels from an image file when you trim it. Transition sound-a sound effect that plays as one slide advances to the next slide in a presentation. Which of the following about transitions is not correct? You can add only one to a presentation. Which of the following is not a custom animation category? Exit Which of the following views does not have a view icon on the status bar? Normal view Which of the following tools lets you play the effects that have been added to the selected slide? Play button

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