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1 Google based IT infrastructure Alf Siochi

2 First get a google account

3 Do not go to This creates a gmail account, not a google account Your email will be gmail We need your email to be where you want your radoncssi correspondence. If you already have a google account /gmail account and want to use that instead, send me the email address.

4 Beware the gmail /google account confusion When you create a gmail account, you also enter another email address for retrieval and security purposes. This is not your user name for your gmail account. When you create a google account, the email address is your “username”. It is not a gmail account, even though you actually have a gmail inbox.

5 Signing onto your google account Note the default of staying signed in. Enter your email address that you used to create this account

6 Once you are signed in… Any link to a shared document to which you have access will open a web page with the document. You can either view, comment, or edit

7 Access to Sites, mailing lists, documents Through your google account Access provided by admin and by WG chairs A mailing list is also an access control list Before working with documents or opening websites, sign into your google account. Access Levels: – View – Comment – Edit – Share

8 Mailing Lists ( = CoChairs + WG Chairs ) (Dick, Rajinder, Alf) Entire Group WG Members (Domain specific users to provide access to WG chair functions)

9 WG Chairs Error Messages Usability ?Usability Training QA

10 Avoiding Spam Only members of a mailing list can send to that mailing list E.G. You are not a member of the QA WG, but you want to send them a message. You will need to send the email to a QA WG chair (or a friend in the WG!) and they can forward it to the members of the WG.

11 Web Sites – Main org work site – all members: view – Leaders: edit – Owner ( : share – Calendar – Links to all the other work groups – Documents Minutes Agenda Documents up for vote As links to shared documents – Contact

12 Documents Access: Leaders and the WG members can edit the site. All others can view. The edit bar disappears for members that are not part of a working group.

13 Votes – Document Approval All members can vote

14 Public Site Leaders can edit Anyone with the link can view

15 WG sites CURRENT ACCESS: Leaders and WG members can edit these sites Members can view

16 WG Site Access





21 Web Site Edit Access When you have edit rights, you see a toolbar on the upper right corner of the site. Clicking on the pencil opens up a number of editing menus. Most of you will not need to use these features. Edit rights let you upload documents and add links. This is where WG members need edit access.

22 Uploading Documents to the WG google drive Each WG has its own google drive The google drive is owned by a domain user To access the WG drive, sign out from your own google account. This is needed so you can sign into the domain account. In the address bar of a web browser, type: Enter your WG user name and the password – PLEASE ASK ME FOR THE PASSWORD

23 Google Drive Log-In MORE CONFUSION! This is a “Google App Account” hosted through a domain. I bought the domain name for $12/yr. The “google apps for business” is free for up to 10 users. Each WG is 1 user on the domain. This is what I previously referred to as the domain user.

24 Google Drive Upload Click on the upload icon Uploaded file, Click to open

25 Dialog box – confirm conversion Choose whether you want this converted or not. If you unclick the confirm settings before each upload, you will not get this dialog box and the file will upload using the last settings. To restore the dialog, you will have to wait until the upload is done, then access the settings menu. Leave it clicked since you will probably need some documents converted and others (view only) not converted.

26 File upload settings menu Current setting After the upload, share the document

27 Document Sharing Enter the mailing list that should receive access Send a notification email. You can add a message to the email Set the access level Copy this link so you can add it to the documents page of the WG site

28 If you forget to share it when you upload, share it from the document

29 From Google Drive, You Can Navigate This will take you to a list of sites that you own Or, since you are signed in, you can type the url for your WG site and it will take you there with the appropriate editing rights.

30 Sites you own – click on a link to take you to the site (Here, I am logged in as Private site for all members Public site, currently accessible only if you know the link

31 Or enter the url in the browser

32 Add the link you copied onto your WG documents page Click here Then paste the link in the dialog that opens

33 New list of documents (Note different accounts that added the link. The document, however, belongs to the owner of the google drive where the document was originally uploaded. People with edit rights to the document can copy the link and paste it here, as long as they have the website edit rights also!)

34 Commenting a document Highlight, right click, select comment.

35 Post the comment Click this button to save your comment Open the comments list here

36 Sign out Note: Google defaults to staying signed on, even if you close your web browser. The next time you open a browser and your browser was set correctly (e.g. cookies), you will still be signed in unless you explicitly perform this step.

37 Domain Overview

38 Document LifeCycle

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