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Google Apps Access Google Apps from the Parkland Intranet Page:

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1 Google Apps Access Google Apps from the Parkland Intranet Page:
Sign in to your Google Apps account (if you need assistance with your Google login or password please see your building Tech Paraprofessional)

2 Creating a Google Document:
1. Click the Create button 2. Select the type of document to be created 3. Click on Untitled Document and enter the title of your document 4. Google docs is very similar to Microsoft Word

3 Google Docs Features: Under the File Menu Option:
Share: options to set view and edit permissions for a document and the link to share to access the doc Revision History: used to view previous versions of a document and/or revert to previous versions Print: prints docs in .PDF format (NOTE: to print in word format first click on File > Download As> Microsoft Word. Then print the word doc) Under the Edit Menu Option: Web Clipboard: saves a copied item to the user’s Google account for 30 days. User can log in to the account from anywhere and the copied item is available to be used for 30 days. Under the View Menu Option: Equation Toolbar: math symbols for equations

4 To Share a Google Document:
Click Share in the upper right hand corner of the screen 2. Click Change on the right side of the Sharing Settings window. 3. Select the desired visibility setting: Public on the web Anyone with the link Parkland School District People at Parkland School District with the link Specific People 4. Select Edit, Comment or View 5. Click Save 6. Share the document URL Visibility – public on the web means anyone can search, find and access; Anyone with the link – means only those with whom you have shared the document URL can access it (the page is not publicly accessible on the web); Private – means only those specifically invited to the document may access it. With Public on the web and Anyone with the Link settings permissions may be set at either view or edit with no sign-in required. Private settings allow those invited to edit.

5 Special Notes about Google Docs:
Up to 50 users may edit a document simultaneously If multiple users are simultaneously editing a document a tab appears with each user name. Click on a tab to open a chat box to chat with that particular user A document may be shared with up to 200 users Documents may be published to the web and shared with unlimited viewers Published documents are view only, they cannot be edited Google docs mailed as attachments or embedded files are view only, they cannot be edited

6 Creating Forms with Google

7 Click on the Create Button Click on Form
To Create a Form: Click on the Create Button Click on Form Select the desired Form settings Give the Form a Title 7

8 Entering Items on a Form:
Enter the question in the Question Title area Add any desired help text in the Help Text field Select the Question Type: Text – for short answers Paragraph Text – for open-ended items Multiple Choice – provides for only ONE right answer, or one choice Checkboxes – provides for multiple answers Choose from a list – creates a drop-down menu list Scale – creates a ranking for items Click in the Required question checkbox as desired 8

9 Entering Items on a Form:
To add another question to a form click Add Item Choose the desired type of item Editing Options: To edit a question, hover the mouse over the question and click on the pencil icon To copy a question, hover the mouse over the question and click on the copy icon on the right side of the question area To delete a question, hover the mouse over the question and click the trash can icon 9

10 Confirmation Page Settings: Click Done to signal the end of a form
Set the summary response; what the user will see after form submission Set the remaining 3 confirmation page settings as desired 10

11 To preview a form: select View Live Form from the menu
The live form will be displayed; click Edit This Form in the upper right corner to return to the editable version of the form. To add a theme (background) to a form: click theme from the menu bar, click on the desired background (theme) and click OK 11

12 To Share a Form: Click on the Send Form button: Copy the URL to share
Click on Embed to get the code to embed the form in a webpage or wikispace 12

13 Google Forms Spreadsheet View
Responses to a Google Form appear in a spreadsheet 13

14 Special Notes about Google Forms:
Forms may be edited even after responses have been received New items added to forms will appear to the RIGHT of existing columns on the spreadsheet regardless of the position of the item on the form If it is necessary to rearrange the items on a form, make the positioning changes on the FORM NOT THE SPREADSHEET To do any filtering or sorting on the spreadsheet connected to a form, first download the spreadsheet to excel and make the changes on the excel version, not the Google Spreadsheet version Be sure to test any form prior to releasing the form. The test data may be removed prior to the release of the actual form. Google forms are interactive even if ed to users as an attachment or embedded in an .

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