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Online Login Security Enhancement Creating an online username & password January, 2015.

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1 Online Login Security Enhancement Creating an online username & password
January, 2015

2 Overview To continue protecting our Members’ business and account information we are implementing a new global security enhancement. All members will be required to set up an online username and password to access the following online tools: (Mobile MyHerbalife) HL Mobile+ iKiosk BizWorks Mobile Member ID and PIN will no longer be used for the online login process. To avoid any issues during end of month please create your online username and password as soon as possible.

3 Get Started on
To create your online username and password go to your local Click “Log In”. This will take you to the new login screen.

4 The New Login Page Once on the login screen, click “Create an Online Account” to create your new online username and password. Note: On this page you will also find a link to FAQ’s

5 Create your Account Fill out the form, set security questions and click “Continue”. Note: Use the icons/links if you need help completing the form.

6 Review your Information
Review the information. Click “Confirm” if correct or “Go Back to Form” if you need to make changes.

7 Confirmation Page Once you click “Confirm” you will see this confirmation page letting you know you have successfully completed the online account creation process. Click on “Continue to” This will take you to the homepage of the site.

8 New Login on
Once on the homepage click “Log in”.

9 The New Login Page This will take you to the new login page where you will login using your new username and password. If you forgot your username, click “Forgot Username” to retrieve your username. If you forgot your password click “Forgot Password”. This will help you reset your password. Create an Online Account Why do I need to create an account?

10 Forgot Password If you forget your password, enter your username and click “Continue”. A confirmation will be sent to the address we have on file for you. In case you do not receive the password within 15 minutes, you can ask for it to be resent. If you still do not receive it, you can contact your local contact center for further assistance.

11 Forgot Username If you forget your username, enter your address on profile and click “Continue”. Answer the security question, which will be one of the 3 questions chosen during creation of online profile. If the answer provided is correct, the username will be displayed on the screen. Click “Log in Now” that takes you back to Log in screen to enter the username and password.

12 For New Members If you are a new Member you will be prompted to create an online account directly after completing the online Herbalife Membership Application.

13 For New Members As a new Member you will be directed from the Herbalife Membership Application to fill out an online form to create your online username and password and set security questions. Once you complete the form you can click “Continue” and begin to log into using the online username and password you have just created.

14 Update Username, Password, E-mail and Pin
You can update your username, password and address and pin code within To do so click the mini profile icon on the homepage and select “Login Preferences” To change/retrieve your pin code click “My Account”

15 Login Preferences Page
On this page you can edit your address and username by clicking the corresponding edit buttons or change your password. Make sure to save your changes. When editing your username you will be given suggested usernames or you can create your own.

16 Updating your E-mail Address
Note: If you change your address and it does not match your MyHerbalife profile address on file, you will be asked if you’d like to make this your primary address.

17 Changing your Password
When changing your password you will be asked to enter your current password and enter a new password. You will be able to view the password requirements by clicking the “?” icon which will open up a description page.

18 Changing your Pin You can continue to change your pin code in the “My Account” section on We have also added a “Forgot Pin Code” link that will help you retrieve your current pin.

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