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Civilizations in China Reign of the Ming Dynasty.

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1 Civilizations in China Reign of the Ming Dynasty

2 Yuan Dynasty Before the Ming Dynasty 1279-1368 Leader: Kublai Khan Zhu Yuanzhang overthrew Kublai Khan Zhu became Hong Wu Renamed the dynasty: Ming (brilliant)

3 Yuan Dynasty

4 Ming Dynasty Ruling power from 1368 when Khan was overthrown Time of reformation of the civil service Before, citizens had to pass tests to obtain government jobs (Thanks to Tang and Song dynasties) System became corrupt and needed change Ming Dynasty improved the testing's and requirements for such government jobs

5 Economy Increase in agricultural society: What was the effect? Think about it Created stability More food Population went up Fewer people were needed to work in the fields because of a surplus of food Increase of trade More time to produce items People became artisans and made silk cloth, textiles, and porcelain

6 Culture of China

7 Great Wall of China Built at different stages throughout China’s history Ming rebuilt the wall to restore China’s culture They also built the Forbidden City as a remembrance of the emperor’s power

8 Woodblock Printing Remember: it was first invented in the Han Dynasty During the Ming Dynasty, the woodblock printing helped increased the literacy rate

9 Porcelain Fragile ceramic Ming Dynasty is known for creating beautiful white and blue patterned porcelain

10 Architecture Techniques in architecture to spread and influence societies in east and southeast Asia

11 Religion Confucianism- official religion of China during the Ming Dynasty and focused its beliefs around honesty Personal and governmental morality Goal: to spread peace and prosperity

12 Exploration Goal for Ming: desire to spread Chinese culture Foreign trade was a way to spread Chinese culture Zheng He 7 expeditions (1405-1433) Sailed through the Indian Ocean and reached eastern coast of Africa Voyages were expensive and ended when government decided to invest in domestic projects

13 Isolationism Ming wanted to avoid contact with other nations (1400s) To separate China from foreign influence, they dismantled the Chinese fleet, banned foreign trade and refused to admit foreigners into China Benefit: revival of the pure practice of Chinese culture

14 Qing Dynasty Ming dynasty collapses when the Manchus conquer them Why? The government was weakened by a growing population Ming had many weak emperors Ming was the last dynasty to be ruled by ethnic Hans Qing was ruled by Manchus (1644-1911) Adopted many Chinese customs and traditions to gain approval

15 Updates: We will watch Mulan next class Be prepared with homework Check the website! TEST next week!

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