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*..Unit O3 – Personal Presentation..* Chloe Bell..

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1 *..Unit O3 – Personal Presentation..* Chloe Bell.

2 Contents: Hair by MP. Supertrims.Wilds.Images.Bibliography. Importance of personal hygiene.

3 Hair by MP: The staff in this salon match the image of the salon they looked very professional, their hair was nicely done, it was curled or straightened but none of them had just put it up none of their hair was plain. They all had makeup on but none to much, enough to give them a mature and professional look. The uniform there was all black, black pants and top. They had black shoes on but not with open toe. They all had well groomed nails and not to many rings on. If I had the choice to work here I would because it gives a welcoming feeling and all the staff have a good attitude.

4 Supertrims: This staff in this salon didn’t really match the professional image of this salon, they had short hair but it was well styled and looked nice. They had some makeup on but not as much as most salons. Their uniform was also black pants and top. They all had black covered shoes. None of them had their nails done but their hands didn’t look bad, they didn’t have rings on. If I was offered a job here I don’t think I would take it because I wouldn’t feel comfortable there, as the staff aren't very welcoming.

5 Wilds: The staff presentation here is very good. They all match the professional image of the salon. Their hair is always done nice and had a lot of effort put into it, its never just been quickly put up. Their makeup is always done nice and never to much. Their uniform is black pants and black top but no open toe shoes or trainers. They all had manicured nails and are allowed one ring per hand. If I was offered a place here I think I would defiantly take it because all the staff are very welcoming and have a good attitude when your there.


7 Importance of personal hygiene It is important to have good personal hygiene when you work at a salon because it will make the client feel more comfortable if the stylist is clean. If the staff at a salon aren't clean and presentable people wont want to go back there.

8 Bibliography:

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