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2 Unit 102 Personal Hygiene

3 Facial Care Use the correct skin-care products to suit your skin type to ensure a flawless complexion and promote your salons product line. Make up must be attractive, but discreet. A healthy skin will be a positive advertisement for your work.

4 Hair Care Your hair must be clean and tidy. Your hair must be worn off your face and in a neat low bun, to prevent it falling forwards.

5 Oral Health Avoid bad breath by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing them regularly. Use breath fresheners and mouthwashes as required to freshen your breath. Visit the dentist regularly, to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Avoid eating anything spicy or strong smelling food when working closely with clients.

6 Hand and Nail Care Nails should be short, neatly manicured and free of nail varnish unless the employees duties involve nail treatments or reception duties. No artificial nails to be worn. Always ensure your nails are clean and free from dirt. Hands to be washed before and after every client.

7 Foot Care & Foot Wear Shoes must be flat, well fitting comfortable shoes that enclose the feet. Remember you will be on your feet for most of the day! Keep your feet fresh and healthy by washing them daily and then drying them thoroughly. Deodorising foot powder may be used.

8 Dress Code Wear a clean uniform daily Wear clean underwear daily.
Your uniform must be kept in good attire, iron if necessary. Do not smoke in your uniform, your client will smell the smoke!

9 Daily Cleansing of the Body
It is vital to have a daily shower or bath to remove stale sweat, dirt and bacteria that cause body odour. Use of an anti-perspirant or deodorant to keep your body smelling fresh.

10 Jewellery Jewellery to be kept to a minimum, no earrings, no rings or watches to be worn. Only a plain wedding band can be worn in the salon.

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