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Professional Polish Cameron Khansarinia, State President & Taylor Davies, State Vice President-Northern.

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1 Professional Polish Cameron Khansarinia, State President & Taylor Davies, State Vice President-Northern

2 Shoes COMFORTABLE Simple, Solid Color Low Heel

3 Shoes: The Good & The Bad




7 Clothing Business suit with blouse Business pantsuit with blouse Skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater Business dress Capris or gauchos with coordinating jacket/suit, worn below the knee Dress shoes

8 Clothing Dos and Donts Do Wear.. Nylons, they are not required, but look great! Solid, simple colors dressed up with different accessories. A dress or top with a thick strap. Dont Wear.. Anything too tight Anything to0 flashy A skirt that is too short ANY DENIM Over the knee boots Sneakers

9 Clothes GoodBAD

10 Jewelry Nothing too flashy! Something simple that compliments the outfit. No visible body piercings!

11 Jewelry GoodBad

12 Handbags Be professional! When you are going to a job interview or work a bright pink bag will not put you above the rest. SIMPLE Colors SIMPLE Lines

13 Handbags GoodBad

14 Nails Neutral Colors No neon or crazy big designs that can blind a person walking by, that would be bad.. Why? When public speaking or entering a job interview, you want people to look and pay attention to you, not your nails.

15 Nails GoodBad

16 Hair I know we would all love to have Katy Perrys pink hair, but maybe we can save that for a wig on Halloween. NO crazy hair colors! We want to keep a professional look, meaning no bleach blond, pink, purple, all colors of the rainbow. Keep your natural color, or a color in the natural spectrum, black, brown, blond etc.

17 Hair GoodBad

18 Makeup DONT LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!! You are not Lady Gaga people, we are Future Business Leaders of America! We want to get new members, not scare them off! Pencil Mustaches….Probably not the best thing to have on when going to a conference or job interview.

19 Makeup Wear something simple, that compliments you or your eyes. Look like yourself! You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

20 What Does Our Dress Show? Represents our organization Shows off our attributes Fun Stories to Tell

21 Gentlemen How To Look Fresh Be Professional Appear Fashionable

22 The Transformation Phase 1 Phase 2

23 OMG Accessory! Briefcases Simple Chic Dark Satchels Feeling like Alan?

24 Shoes What to Wear Loafers Dress Shoes (Church Appropriate)

25 Shoes What not to Wear Flip-Flops Skate Shoes Tennis Shoes No Shoes White Socks

26 Clothing What to Wear Dress Shirt Tie Blazer/Jacket Slacks/Khakis Dress Pant

27 Clothing What not to Wear T-shirts Undershirts Shorts Denim Flannel Hats Bolo Ties

28 Suit and Tie Advice Suits Fitted Suits (Buff) Match your ties and shirts Ties Tying contest

29 Dos and Donts Do Always brush your hair Brush your teeth Shave Dont Look unclean Look unprepared Appear not to care

30 Jewelry No visible piercing Necklaces Bracelets Rings Me

31 Why Dress Professionally? Well the pencil mustaches and short shorts dont exactly show the community why we are here. We are here to better ourselves in business and become tomorrows business leaders, by dressing professionally we can show the world we are ready to take over! How you choose to dress reflects how you feel about your job! You wouldnt wear heels to a construction site, so dont wear anything other then appropriate for the situations you are in!

32 Travel Plane Business Professional Attire (Blazer and uniform) Car Business Casual (Polos and khakis)

33 Business Casual vs. Business Professional Business Casual Polos Khakis Dress Shoes Business Professional Blazer Dress Blouse/Skirt Blouse/Dress Pants Button Up Shirt Tie/Scarf Dress Pants Dress Shoes

34 Questions?

35 Thank You Taylor Davies Northern Section President Cameron Khansarinia State President

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