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Why Is Dress So Crucial For Success?

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2 Why Is Dress So Crucial For Success?
First impressions are extremely important! Irreversible assumptions are made almost immediately based on a persons’ appearance. You want to put your best foot forward and present yourself in a positive light.

3 5 Tips Everyone Should Know About Dressing Professionally
Keep your appearance neat and clean. Clothing should be freshly pressed - no wrinkles! Well groomed nails are important. Wear minimal make-up and jewelry. Neutral body odor is essential (wear an antiperspirant/deodorant, use perfume or other fragrance sparingly)!

4 Examples of Professional Attire

5 Put Your Best Shoe Forward
Many managers and interviewers make assumptions based on an individual’s shoes. This is one way of assessing whether you pay attention to details. Shoes should be: Neat and polished. Closed toe. No higher than a 2 inch heal (unless you are extremely short).

6 Dressing for the Interview
Keep it Conservative It’s all in the details Basic Behavior

7 Keep it Conservative It is always best to err on the side of caution.
The most traditional and conservative interview attire for women is a two piece, matched skirt suit. Always, always wear a blouse under your blazer! A long sleeved, collared shirt or shell is appropriate. Make sure your ensemble still looks complete without your blazer (in case you have the option to take it off).

8 Your First Suit: Choosing a Color
Navy blue is a good color for a “starter” suit. This is a versatile color that can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation and job. Navy is considered a professional and powerful color, but is not as bold as black.

9 Your First Suit: Choosing a Suit that will Grow with You
Buy the nicest suit you can afford. Put quality over quantity – a well chosen suit will last you several years into your career. A cheap suit is easy to spot: Made with less desirable materials like rayon-poly blends. Larger, less flattering cuts.

10 Your First Suit: Tips & Tricks
Have your suit professionally tailored! This ensures: The suite looks appropriate on you. You will feel comfortable and self-confident in your suit. Dress like you already have the job you want. Remember: a carefully chosen suit will last you well into your career. It is an investment worth the extra money!

11 It’s all in the Details Hair Nylons Simple style
You don’t want to distract the interviewer with obnoxious hair. They should notice you for your skills and experiences, not your hair. Out of your face Nylons A must with any interview outfit – skirt or pantsuit! Skin tone or black colored are most appropriate.

12 It’s all in the Details: Final Touches
Accessories Don’t overdo it! It’s best to choose 1 or 2 simple accessories like a watch and stud earnings. Portfolio vs. Purse Opt for a sharp, professional looking portfolio instead of your purse. Choose a good quality portfolio with compartments for keys or lipstick. Carry copies of your resume and a pad for note taking.

13 Interview Day is Here Arrive early. Visit the Restroom.
If time permits, this should be your first stop. Check yourself in the mirror to make sure your appearance is professional and put together. Notice the Office Atmosphere. Atmosphere can tell you a lot about a company you may not learn in the interview! Send a Thank You. After the interview, always send a thank you to your interviewer and any others who met, helped, or hosted you.

14 Dressing to Impress: Once you’re Hired
Follow Company Policy. Your first reference point is the employee manual. When in doubt – ask your supervisor or a member of Human Resources! Warning: business casual means different things in different companies! Casual dress ranges from coordinated skirt/pant sets to khakis and polo’s. Business casual does not mean jeans or tennis shoes.

15 The Goal of Dressing for Success
The primary goal behind “Dressing for Success” is to feel good about the way you look and projecting a positive image. Confidence with the way you look translates into a positive attitude and body language. Proper dress leaves an immediate impression and gives you the confidence to display the proper nonverbal messages that will help in the interview process and with your work in the organization.

16 What’s WRONG with this Picture?
Unkempt Hair & Unnatural Makeup.

17 What’s WRONG with this Picture?
No blouse under blazer.

18 What’s WRONG with this Picture?
Too much skin showing.

19 What’s WRONG with this Picture?
Slit in Dress too High. Dress too Revealing.

20 What’s WRONG with this Picture?
Shorts aren’t acceptable.

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