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Power Dressing By Mr. Pankaj kumar.

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1 Power Dressing By Mr. Pankaj kumar

2 What should I wear? I Don’t Think So !!

3 Clothing Tips for Men Conservative 2-piece dark suit, navy blue or medium to dark gray. Long sleeved blue or white shirt. Silk tie complimenting in color or style Black dress socks Dark polished shoes and matching belt Jewelry – No bracelets, earrings or large rings.

4 Gentlemen – What to Wear!
Business Suits

5 Gentlemen – What to Wear!
Business Attire

6 Gentlemen – What to Wear!
Dress Shoes

7 Gentlemen – What Not to Wear!
Cargo Pants

8 Gentlemen – What Not to Wear!

9 Gentlemen – What Not to Wear!

10 Gentlemen – What Not to Wear!

11 ATTENTION GENTLEMEN!!! DO’s Wear a conservative tie
NOTE: Tip of the tie should sit slightly above the belt buckle Be clean shaven DON’Ts Wear white socks TIP: Try to match socks with belt Wear a tie that is too wide or too narrow

12 FABRICS Stay away from velvet, vinyl, shiny, furry, slinky materials
Fabrics recommended are those that do not wrinkle easily TIP 1: Purchase fabrics that have a small percentage of lycra that adds comfort and resists creases. Suggested fabrics are polyester, wool (suits), cotton shirts TIP 2: When purchasing a suit, twist the fabric of the sleeves and hold it in place for 10 seconds, if it wrinkles then think twice about the purchase

13 SHOES POLISH and SHINE your shoes! Always wear socks
TIP: Make sure socks are high enough to cover skin when sitting down You should be able to walk comfortably in your shoes i.e. Heels should not be too high GENTLEMEN should stay away from steel toes and other rugged shoes NEVER wear open toe shoes!

14 Dress for Success

15 Clothing Tips for Women
Dark conservative suit. Two piece 1 or 2 button jacket and knee length skirt or Pant. White or light colored long sleeved blouse that is not low cut. Black well polished shoes with 1 to 1½ inch heels. Limited conservative jewelry.

16 Ladies – What to Wear! Business Suits

17 Ladies – What to Wear! Business Attire

18 Ladies – What to Wear! Indian Formal
It’s ok to wear a sleeveless dress.

19 Ladies – What to Wear! Dress Shoes

20 Dress Shoes Pumps Open-toe Dress “Mules” Slingbacks

21 Sandals only with Indian Formal

22 Ladies – What Not to Wear!

23 Ladies – What Not to Wear!
Cargo Skirts

24 NO Backless, See-through, Tight-fitting, Spaghetti Straps, Strapless, Extremely Short Skirts/Dresses, Low-Cut Blouses/Tops

25 Ladies – What Not to Wear!

26 NO Latest Trends (Keep These “Baby Dolls” for your non-conference activities)

27 Ladies – What Not to Wear!

28 Ladies – What Not to Wear!
Dazzling Saris

29 Dress for Success

30 HAIR & MAKEUP Style hair as conservatively as possible
Do not dye hair color too flashy e.g. red, green, etc. Wear as little makeup as possible Don’t wear brightly colored lipsticks or eye shadows, too much blush because the interviewer might not like it or it may accidentally get on your clothing

31 PERSONAL HYGIENE ALWAYS take a shower before the interview
Wear antiperspirant in case you get nervous Brush your teeth before the interview Don’t chew gum, eat a breath mint instead Don’t wear heavy smelling perfumes/cologne, it may irritate the interviewer Have clean finger nails and hands Stay away from nail polish if possible.


33 Grooming – men shave skincare manicures teeth personal hygiene
one in four men do not shower daily dirty fingernails go uncleaned mostly

34 Grooming - women skincare hair – cut, colour, condition make-up
perfume – be careful manicure / pedicure teeth A recent survey showed that women who wear make-up have a competitive edge over their bare faced colleagues The Times, 30th December 2003 Women who wear make-up earn, on average, 20% more than women who wear no make-up

35 First impressions within three seconds of seeing a person for the first time we have decided their: social status politics education religion sexuality friendliness / approachability aptitude

36 First impressions: the 93% rule
38% tone, pitch & pace of your voice 55% appearance & body language 7% what you say


38 “dress badly and they remember the clothes; dress well and they remember the person”

39 Thank you!!!

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