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Presented by Janine Termine Welcome to E-Learning.

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1 Presented by Janine Termine Welcome to E-Learning

2 Important Information Professor : Janine Termine E-mail: Phone number: 215-968-8130 Office: F124

3 Required Materials CourseCompass/MyMathLab, Course ID needed from instructor. (All homework and quizzes will be completed online.) Text Book, the required text book can be found on the provided syllabus…(This is optional-there is an e-book online if you choose not to purchase a text book, but there is not much savings by doing this.) Access to a computer. This is an online course and computer access is assumed. E-mail Account. All communications will be via e-mail. In order to sign up for CourseCompass, you will need a valid e-mail account. You can use your student account provided from Bucks or your personal e-mail. It is your responsibility to check your e- mails often.

4 Registering for CourseCompass Go to You need an individual access code. Access codes are packaged free with new texts (Text books are packaged as 3-ring punch books and should be purchased from the Bookstore for around $85) or an access code can be bought over the Internet with a credit card for about $78. The book and code together are the best deal. The Course ID can also be found in the provided syllabus. The code will be your instructor’s last name with five digits following it. (Example: termine12345)

5 Registering for CourseCompass Go to http://www.coursecompass.com Registration is only done onetime

6 Registering for CourseCompass Online this page has been updated and may look a little different. You need an individual access code. It is packaged free with new texts or access can be bought online at this time. Click on next and enter the course ID number. The course ID number is your instructor’s last name followed by five digits. Read through this page.

7 Registering for CourseCompass The Course ID for this can be found in the provided syllabus. Enter the Course ID in the box and press Find Course. Below is an example of what you might see (Your instructor’s name should appear): Course: termine24458 – Bucks E-learning Spr10 095 End Date: May 11, 2010 Instructor: Professor Janine Termine Instructor's Email: Next, you can access your course using an access code, or you can buy online. The cost of purchasing an access code online is about $80. Note: the Bucks zip code is 18940

8 Installation Wizard Once you have registered, go into CourseCompass. Your first step is to read my announcement and run the MyMathLab Installation Wizard. The wizard walks you through installing the plug-ins and players you need to access the multimedia content in your course. MyMathLab Installation Wizard Be sure that you allow pop-ups on the site. CourseCompass must be designated as a trusted site. We will explore CourseCompass together after we review the remaining policies.

9 Grading Policy - Homework Homework Average – 25% of your final grade All homework is to be completed on line in CourseCompass. You can find the homework by clicking on “Homework” on the left side of the home page. Once in “Homework”, I suggest clicking on the “Show all button” at the top of the Homework page. You must adhere to the “due dates”. If an assignment states “past due” you will need to contact your Instructor for access. You will not be able to proceed to a new assignment without scoring a 70% on the previous assignment.

10 Grading Policy – Homework (con’t) You can increase your homework grade by re-entering an assignment and clicking on questions that you got wrong. Once there, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Similar Problem”. This will bring up a new problem for you to do. You can do this until you get it correct.

11 Quizzes Quiz Average – 15% of your final grade All quizzes are to be completed in CourseCompass. You can access a quiz by clicking “Take Quiz/Test” on the left side of the home page. All quizzes can be taken twice. There is a quiz at the end of every chapter!

12 Study Plan (Quizzes) After you take a quiz for the first time, click on “Study Plan” at the left side of the home page. The “pencil” indicates questions that you need to work on before you take the next quiz.

13 Study Plan (Quizzes) The “pencil” will appear next to topics or objectives that you need to work on before you retake the quiz. Click on the topic next to the pencil. It will expand further and you will see more “pencils”. When you click on these topics, a window will open with questions with more “pencils”. These are the questions you want to concentrate on before you take the quiz for the second time.

14 Tests Test Average – 60% of you final grade There will be two tests that must be taken at one of Bucks’s Testing Centers. You can find their schedules at No appointment is necessary, however you will need a picture ID. You will log into CourseCompass and click “Take a Quiz/Test” on the home page.

15 Tests (Con’t) The proctor will then put in the pass word and you may begin the test. A Blue Book should be given to you. All supporting work should be done in the Blue Book. Make sure you number your work in the Blue Book. I will be collecting the Blue Books to grade for partial credit on your tests. You can take the test before or on the due date. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Check you syllabus for due dates!

16 Grading Review Homework: 25% Quizzes: 15% Tests: 60% _____________________ Total:100%

17 Withdraw Policy I reserve the right to withdraw anyone who falls more than two weeks behind in their assignments. Once you fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up. The best thing you can do is to set time aside for your course work each week.

18 Suggested Course of Study Read the section. Watch the video for the section. The videos can be found in CourseCompass. Click on “videos” on the left side of the home page. Take notes while watching the videos…just as if you were in a classroom. Do some examples from the text book. Attempt your homework in CourseCompass. You should set aside at least two hours for each section.

19 Now, let’s take a tour of CourseCompass

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